Stille Natt Hellige Natt concert in Immanuel church 12.12.2016

Marian Aas Hansen: It’s really fantastic to sing in the Immanuel church

Hansen is a part of Stille Natt, Hellige Natt for the 16th time which has given Norwegians the Christmas mood since 1987 and on Monday they visited Halden and Immanuels church.

Source: Halden24  Published 12.12.16. Text and photo Hilde Kristin Gustavsen. Found by TessaLa, Translation Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett

There was a line all the way down to the road, long before the concert began.
This “Christmas night” is very popular, has sold thousands of tickets throughout the years because people want to hear “this” ensemble in a project that donates money to Strømmestiftelsen.

The audience got well-known and popular Christmas songs in a traditional way and in a new way, and the evening’s most popular was probably Alexander Rybak.

  • He showed off with his violin, played Vi tenner våre lykter når det mørkner in a way we have never heard before, and may never hear again. Rybak assures his position as one of the country’s best in his genre. He is definitely a great asset.

In addition we got both hymns and the Christmas gospel, solo performances of Marian Aas Hansen, Maria Haukaas Mittet and Hans Petter Moen.

It was the last one mentioned, the newcomer Moen, who gave us “O Holy Night”, he performed it just the way he should and  we wanted it, totally fantastic.

Marian Aas Hansen totally agreed.

Yes, Hans Petter has experienced a lot, so he has made this his own, and he sings it great.


The acoustics are great in this church, and I love singing here. Just as much every time I’m here, said Aas Hansen to Halden24 after the concert.

What about your own Christmas mood, is there something left after 54 concerts before Christmas?
Marian Aas Hansen smiles satisfied, and is definitely not worried. Not this year either.

When Christmas starts I’m lucky to have a sister who opens her home to me, so I arrive with everything in place and can enjoy myself with the family.
Christmas tree and warmth, we talk a lot and watch movies, and the Christmas mood is there, yes, definitely, Aas Hansen can tell.

The ensemble, musicians and technicians were quick to pack up and leave. There are 19 concerts left, in 12 days, and that calculation says everything.

It’s guaranteed that the audience in Halden and Immanuel church got in the Christmas mood. When ” Deilig er Jorden” was sung as the last song, everyone got up and participated, and then the Christmas feeling was in place.

Dice can be thrown at concerts, but this type of Christmas concert will be without dice.

It was both beautiful and extremely good.


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