Alexander Rybak shoots new video music “Into A Fantasy” in Vestkapp 19.05.14

Video about the shooting of new music video., 20.05.2014

Uploaded by Venche M. English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak was never in any doubt about where he was going to shoot his new music video.

Article published on NRK.on on 19.05.14
Photo and author: Silje Bårstad

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett.

When Alexander Rybak was going to shoot his biggest music video so far for the single “Into A Fantasy”, he was never in any doubt about where. Namely at Vestkapp at Stad in Selje municipality.

– Everytime I am in this natural environment, I come up with something new and write new music,- says Rybak.

For example the Eurovision hit “Fairytale” was made when he visited Ålesund, and the song he won the “Kjempesjansen” with, was also written only a stones throw from Vestkapp.

– It’s a 100 percent beautiful nature here, with changing weather, soft beaches, deep valleys and exposed mountain tops. It’s something that awakens the versatility in me, says Rybak enthusiastically.

At the harsh Stadplatået there is for once no wind. The sky is blue and it is a clear view to Svinøy Lighthouse and south to Bremanger.

Will be in “How to Train Your Dragon 2”

From the helicopter Rybak and the approximate 60 extras have been filmed from every angle and side here by the ocean. In three days a new music video to the song “Into A Fantasy” will be shot here at the coast. The song will be at the end of the animation movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” which will be shown in Norwegian cinemas this summer.

The locals know how to appreciate the artists who shoot their videos in their municipality.

– It’s very positive and great, says the extra Sigvor Ervik and gets support from another extra, Anne Grete Honningsvåg.
We have no problems in understanding why he has chosen this place. It’s just incredible here, says Honningsvåg.
Rybak wrote the song in one day, and recorded it in two days. Rybak says he is a little un-Norwegian when it comes to work.

– We sent it in to DreamWorks, who are behind the “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. Even though there was only a short time to the premiere, and all the contracts were done, they liked the song and wanted to use it.

Brags about the scenery.

The producer Tone Lise Asphol thinks they are lucky to have the great weather so far out at Stadlandet. During these days they will also film at the beach in Ervik. Twelve violinists and many singers from local choirs are in the production.

– We seem to have managed to choose the right days for the shooting,- says Asphol.

The idea about shooting at Vestkapp popped up when Rybak described to Asphol what it should look like where we wanted to film.

– I immediately thought of Stadlandet, because I was here on a school trip many years ago. Here we have the beach at Ervik, unique mountains and a stunning ocean view that continues endlessly,- says Asphol.

The mayor helped.

It’s not only local extras who have volunteered for the shooting. When Rybak and the team had decided decide to film at Stad, he himself called the mayor Ottar Nygård to ask for help.

-Rybak wondered if we could contribute to the implementation of the project…We haven’t contributed with money, but with actions… says Nygård.

He says it means a lot for his municipality to have a profiled and beloved artist in Selje.

– This is important for the municipality and it fits our investment in terms of the business plan and development of tourism. It’s a good advert for Selje and our district.

– I have both heard the song and know what it is about. It will be exciting and I am looking forward to see the music video when it’s done,- says Nygård.

Will show Norway to the fans

After Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision final in 2009, he has gained fans from all over the world. He has made several music videos which have had millions of views on YouTube. He also has almost 700.000 fans on his Facebook page.

– Many of them have learned Norwegian and love Norway. People love the Norwegian nature and therefore it was about time I made a music video in this fantastic scenery,- says Rybak.

The story of the song is about unity and finding the value in oneself.
“Into A Fantasy” has a message about that together we take care of each other,- says Rybak.


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