Alexander Rybak’s interview about social media to the paper issue of Dagens Næringliv 16.08.11

Journalist : Halvor Ripegutu
Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Found and translated by Tessa La

Also available in: Russian (русский), Greek (ελληνικά)

The network has become one of the largest advertising channel for musicians. Rybak has nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook.

It is easy to be a megalomaniac, but I try to limit what I write there”, says Rybak. With nearly 300,000 fans on Facebook, he is the single Norwegian musician with the most followers on Facebook. Only three groups, The black metal bands Dimmu Borgir and Immortal, and the electronica duo Röyksopp, have more supporters among Norwegian music artists on the world’s largest online community.

Spread quickly

Artist’s Pages on Facebook took off for about 3 years ago, as a result of a major restructuring of Facebook. At the same time did the arrival of smart phones that artists on the tour were no longer dependent on a computer to update their page. Rybak’s page on Facebook was created after the part final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, and he updates it himself about 3 times a week.

It means that I hardly need to advertise my concert, no matter where I am. For example, I recently held a concert in Turkey where there was a full house, with 1200 attendees”, with no marketing, Rybak says.

In the days after the terrorist incident in Oslo and Utøya, Maria Mena’s “My little country” went like an epidemic through social media. Rybak also knows very well the Facebook’s ability to spread the material in the enormous speed. Facebook is a very effective channel if you want a flying start with a new music video, says Rybak.


Changed The communications

Through Facebook “side” function a user is allowed to become a fan of a music artist, or another personality, by pressing the “like” button on the artist’s page. It allows the artist to post status updates and links to news flow to the fans. Meanwhile, fans post messages on the wall to the artist.

Behnam Farazollahi is the former press officer at the Bylarm and Slottsfjell and he now works at the advertising agency Dinamo. He believes that Facebook, along with Twitter, has radically changed the communication between fans and musicians.

It suddenly becomes a more personal meeting between fans and the artist. Before they were dependent on traditional media to communicate, now we see that they go around the filter and speak directly together”, he said.


Want Facebook sales

Farazollahi believes that this direct contact can cause much stronger loyalty to the artist. “It is increasingly important when artists get their income through concert tickets rather than CD sales”.

On the pages of the major Norwegian artists it is possible to listen to the music without buying it. Farazollahi thinks that this shows that there is still untapped potential of the community.

On Facebook the buyer is just a click away from the purchase. If you have more than 100,000 fans that follow you, Facebook is a huge sales channel. Streaming services as Spotify and Wimp are also aimed at social media”, he says.

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  1. Thank you Yannis for the Greek translation! It’s very useful because I have to admit this is such a difficult text to understand. Thank you guys for all the work you do!!!

  2. Приметно три сообщения в неделю появляются.Но сам Саша пишет одно,примерно раз в 2 недели.Хотелось бы конечно что бы он чаще писал

  3. Interesting article, and a surprising graph. Mostly black metal bands and Alex. And updating 3 times a week must include the postings of the admins and Kjell-Arild, and I guess they should too. Tusen takk Tessa og Yannis

  4. I agree Marianne,a very interesting article.I also thought the comment about him updating three times a week must be incorrect.It`s amazing how fast his site has grown 🙂

  5. Very interesting interview. Thanks everybody!
    I am not sure, Alexander is quite accurate, when he says, he updates his fanpage-wall 3 times a week, but it would be a good idea:-)). Maybe, he includes the postings of his manager and page-admins.
    I agree very much with the guy, who says, there is a lot of potential in a facebook-fanpage and I believe, there is a lot of un-used potential, even in Alexanders great facebook-fanpage:-)))

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