Alexander Rybak – Rehearsal for the concert with Musica Sinfonietta

Concert with Rybak in Asker today

Text to the picture: Today Musica Sinfonietta are having a concert in Asker culture house. Soloist is Alexander Rybak himself. (Photo: Nina Abrahamsen)

Today Musica Sinfonietta is having a concert in Asker culture house. The soloist is none other than Alexander Rybak himself.

Source: Published 10.10.2015  Text and photo: Nina Abrahamsen
Found by TessaLa. Translated by Anastasia Silakova. Revision AnniJo.

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Please! Exaggerate, then I`ll be happy, says Alexander Rybak. (Photo: Nina Abrahamsen)

Yesterday Asker children and youth orchestra Musica Sinfonietta had a rehearsal in the barn of the culture school in Asker – together with Alexander Rybak. The repertoire of course includes the ESC winning song Fairytale.

Rybak uses both his voice and the violin when instructing. Dedicated children and youth are focused on following when the famous musician, composer and singer is explaining.

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– Here you have many long tones. Open up your body, play out and move your body. When we use all our body we get better sound. Please! Exaggerate, then I`ll be happy! We need to know what we will do, and what we do we will do 170 percent, are some of the messages from Rybak.

Couldn’t say no

This is the last round with Fairytale, says Alexander Rybak.

Fairytale is of course played as well, several times, and Alexander is singing along. This is the last time with instruction with these songs for Rybak.

– I`ve had so many seminars, I guess I`ve played with the whole Norway. Now I`m taking a break, and when I come back it will be with a new programme. I have also written a book for children and travelled quite a lot this year. Lately I`ve been to Texas and New York. I think I have only been home for 30 days this year, he says.

The children’s book “Trolle” has recently been launched. Recently has he also won a big contest in Russia.

– Actually I`m not taking on more educational tasks now, but I couldn’t  say no to you. You are so competent, he says to the young musicians in Musica Sinfonietta.

Starstruck in the beginning

– How is it to play together with Alexander Rybak?

– It is cool and a bit exciting. I was a bit starstruck during the first seconds. But he seems to be very down-to-earth, says Arja Korsnes (16) from Vollen.

– The fact that it is really Alexander Rybak who is playing with us is a big thing, says Marianne Borgersen (17) from Mjøndalen.

Alexander Rybak Musica Sinfoinetta 3
Starstruck: Here Arja Korsnes (16) eternalize the meeting with legendary Alexander Rybak.

– Hard work

– Rybak himself started playing the violin when he was 6 years old, then he practised 4 to 5 hours every day.

– Russian school means integrating theory and practice to a greater extent. Conductor Vladimir Stoyanov has the same background, so the orchestra is in good hands. He is also good at putting together the orchestra, credits Rybak.

Alexander Rybak Musica Sinfoinetta 8
Inspires: I want you to have fun playing music, but also understand that one has to practise and work hard to be able to release himself/herself, says Alexander Rybak. Here together with the conductor Vladimir Stoyanov.

– Something of what I want to convey to the youth here today is that I think education is important. It is about hard work, not just parties, mingling and distributing your cards, but also training and practise in order to become good. Look at Nico & Vinz, they have a real education in music as a basic.
At the same time Rybak wants to show the youth that one can have so much fun with music.

– It takes a lot to release yourself as a musician. In order to become loose and free you need to do some repeats, he says.

Pizza and selfies

– During the break there is pizza and soft drinks, and of course selfies together with the violin star. Conductor Vladimir is somehow playing second violin today, and he is extremely comfortable with that.

– Getting Alexander here gives an enormous motivation. Everyone is enjoying music more. The process of learning to play an instrument is tough and long, he says, often lonely. Such moments as this are a reward for the struggle, he says.

– Karin Aubert is the director of Musica Sinfonietta and she has been dreaming about getting Alexander Rybak as a soloist for several years.

– We are very happy to have Alexander Rybak here. It inspires and that is the most important thing.

According to our experience he is absolutely fantastic. He is so cheerful and playful, and the musicians are so enthusiastic afterwards. The violin really becomes a big thing, Aubert says.

Alexander Rybak Musica Sinfoinetta 2


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