Alexander Rybak receives Platinum trophy for his MGP song – 17.8.2018

Platinum Trophy for Rybak’s MGP song

The song “That’s How You Write a Song” has received good streaming figures after the ESC.

Source: , published 17.08.2018, Journalist: Jon Marius Hyttebakk
Translated by Anni Jowett

WON MGP FOR A SECOND TIME: Alexander Rybak won MGP 2018, and represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest. (PHOTO: JULIA MARIE NAGLESTAD / NRK)

Alexander Rybak won this year’s MGP final with a big margin and represented Norway for a second time at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in May.

Now, his MGP contribution, “That’s How You Write a Song”, has reached platinum status based on high streaming rates.

– I’ve always been an advocate of versatility, and then it’s nice to get a thumbs up on several of the genres I do, in the form of a Platinum Trophy, Rybak told NRK.

Just on Spotify and Youtube alone, the song has been streamed more than 30 million times, and with more than six million streams on Spotify, Alexander Rybak is honoured with Platinum Trophy.

– The song is written to inspire others to believe in their talents, and that it’s streamed so much on Spotify and Youtube means that there are a lot of inspired people out there, Rybak says.

LISBON: Alexander Rybak and Stig Karlsen. PHOTO: NRK


MGP boss Stig Karlsen congratulates Rybak on the good numbers.

– There is nothing that pleases me more than when the artists succeed with their MGP songs, says Karlsen.

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