Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later


Found his girlfriend on Tinder

Who: Alexander Rybak (31)
What: Artist.
Why: Participates in MGP with the song “That’s How You Write a Song”.

Source:     Text: Espen H. Rusdal. Photo: Julia Nagelstad. Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa La

Now you’re in MPG again. Is it like returning to familiar ground?
– Hee, hee certainly not. The only thing in common for 2009 and 2018 is that Oslo Spektrum seems as awesome as before. And I really look forward to joining Norway’s biggest music festival.

Tell us about the song.
– If “Fairytale” was about me, this is about those around me. It’s like an answer to all the letters and messages I get, where people have an idea but need some help to get started. But this year there are quite many motivational and inspirational songs in the MGP, that’s wonderful!

What is the most fun thing about MGP?
– All the colours. Seriously, I hope to see all the colours of the rainbow in Spektrum on March 10th.

Who will win the Norwegian final? It is an experienced line-up this year.
– Very good this year. And even if we try to tell ourselves that it’s just a party, there will be plenty of internal nail biting from all the finalists. For this year it is even.

Which book has meant most to you?
– Is it now it becomes awkward that I mention my own children’s book “Trolle”?

Hey hey
“Anyway, Saabye Christensen’s ” Herman” was my great inspiration when I was going to write a book myself. What an emotional and beautiful story.

Saabye Christensen’s “Beatles” is mine.
– I have to read that!

What makes you happy?
– Absence of accidents. And a happy Julie.

Who was your childhood hero? My nephew has you as his hero.
– Is it true? Hope it still lasts after I’ve sung in Spektrum then.

But, who was your childhood hero?
– It is even between Jahn Teigen, Dad and Eminem.

What do you dislike most about yourself?
– That I have this strong need to be such an extreme perfectionist, and become so disappointed with myself every time something goes wrong

What do you do when you want to “go crazy”?
– Then I go around the world and find the biggest roller coaster! Or maybe play 10 FIFA matches in a row.

What are you willing to demonstrate for or against?
– Against bullying, and for friendship and support. It’s in a way what we’re doing in MGP.

Is there anything you regret?
– That I saw the “Exorcist” movie alone at home when I was 12. It took a lot of Grand Prix joy to get rid of the traumas.

Who would you rather get stuck in the elevator with?
– Julie, definitely! There is so much I should have told her, but she had to rush to work today!

And Julie is? You have mentioned her twice now.
– A lady I found on Tinder two years ago.

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