Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Ukraine


This week Alexander Rybak starts his promo tour in Europe to promote his new single and new music video “Into a Fantasy” – the sound-track to the movie “How To Train Your Dragon-2” by Dream Works. During the next weeks he will visit Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium and Lithuania. More countries will be hopefully added soon. Check his full Schedule for more details.

The honour to be the first country in the promo-tour belongs to UKRAINE.   

Promotional visit of Alexander Rybak in Kiev

June 18
11:30  – Alexander at the on-line press-conference in Komsomolskaya Pravda.
Link  to ask questions and to watch online
14:00 – Alexander at the online conference at
Link to ask questions and to watch online
June 19
8.30  – Alexander is a guest in the morning show “Snidanok” at 1+1 TV channel.
Link to watch online
9:00 – 10:00 – Live at “Nashe radio”
Link to listen online
13:00 – 14:00 – Live at “Lux FM”
Link to listen online
14:30 – Online-chat with Alexander Rybak on GolosUA Link to chat
18:00 – Autograph-session of Alexander Rybak at the foyer of “Cinema City” (3rd floor Ocean Plaza)
19:00 – Presentation of music video “Into a Fantasy” at “Cinema City” in Ocean Plaza with popular hosts Anna Sviridova and Sergey Galibin. Admission by invitations only!



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