Alexander Rybak promised to show another musical side in Vilnius

Article from , published on 04.09.2013

Found and translated by Erika Jasiūnienė. English revision by Anni Jowett.


“Battle of Choirs”: A. Rybak (photo by Eve Budzeikaitės)

The European charmer Alexander Rybak shies away from the world of entertainment: to become a hostage to money – it is awful.

The winner of Eurovision 2009, Alexander Rybak, has no chance to relax from the marathon of television shows and pop concerts following his success. During recent years he has had more than 100 performances per year! But at the Christopher Summer Festival the guy will reveal his lesser-known talents…

“First and foremost I am a composer, then a violinist and a pop singer”,- the Eurovision star who lives in Norway has said repeatedly. Alexander Rybak’s upcoming concert in Vilnius will make sure of that, because the guest promises to perform violin classics and his own compositions with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Professor Donato Katkaus.

Alexander Rybak emphasises that he is a graduate of classical violin studies. “I rehearse with the orchestras; I don’t want to be just a commercial music artist.” – admitted the guy. In addition, he began to create music at a young age and now dreams about the days when he can settle down and be devoted to composing. Nowadays the artist focuses on a children’s album. “I don’t expect that the world media will give it much attention. For journalists it would be much more interesting if Rybak has a baby or gets drunk and beats someone up”,- Alexander said in the newspaper “Evening Moscow” not long ago. Apparently Alexander Rybak is tired of the endless travel and the entertainment business “pleasures”.

“I prefer to travel to small European cities and work with children’s orchestras, rather than participating in gigantic international shows. Walking the red carpet is not interesting to me”,- said the artist. But Alexander has returned to the Eurovision Song Contest already after his victory as a composer and even as a journalist, working for Norwegian TV. He likes new experiences. This does not mean that he cannot live without the fuss of show business.

“Battle of Choirs”: A. Rybak (photo by Eve Budzeikaitės)

“I’ve noticed that there are more and more thinking about the money. Artists wants to retrieve investments in their career as soon as possible, they become pragmatic. It’s more difficult to keep a balance between morality and the desire to get rich, – said the singer about the dark side of show business. – This is not for me. To become a hostage to money.” Some stars treatment of their fans raises a dismay for Alexander Rybak, they are forced to wait for hours and hours for their idols, even when there is no need.

“Norwegian journalists don’t understand why I primarily communicate with the fans, only then with the press”,-  revealed the singer. Alexander Rybak never refuses to give autographs for fans. He gets a lot of their letters. And Alexander’s circle of friends on his Facebook page more than half million. He tries to contact them at least once a week.

“The fans’ letters, requests for autograph on the street, for me it is charge of a good mood”,- the artist doesn’t hide. Sometimes Alexander specifically goes to the places where there are a lot of people, so that he can spontaneously to communicate with them. Alexander Rybak does not categorise his worshipers by gender, race, religion or sexual orientation and always emphasises that. For example, recently he had a concert in the gay club in Vilnius. In addition, he has attended  a gay parade in Belgium.

“Those people will buy my albums, and I’m always creating. This is the biggest joy of my life”,– reasoned A. Rybak. According to him, the stage – it’s the only one place where he can let himself go. “Here I can think about anything, except the music. I feel like the king. But when I to come down from the stage, I take off the crown and become a simple man.

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