Alexander Rybak played with the students from the Culture School

It was crowded when Alexander Rybak played with the students from the Culture School in Kilden Friday, November 16.

Original article published in November 17. Text and photo: Tomas Fordelsen. English translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

A short glimpse from the concert, posted on FB by the Culture School.

At the annual Culture School Concert on Friday, Alexander Rybak himself showed up with his violin. According to the Culture School, it was Rybak himself who took the initiative to play together with the students at Knuden (The Knot), the culture school in Kristiansand.

– I get so touched when I see how much talent there is here in Kristiansand, and I hope you all will take good care of the talents you have, because it is special, said Alexander Rybak from stage after starting the concert with the hit “Fairytale”, which he won the Eurovision Song Contest with 10 years ago.


He ended with the song “Venner” (Friends) from the the fairy tale “Trolle og den magiske fela” and performed both songs together with the students from Knuden. Winds, strings and choirs took part, and it was crowded in front of the stage in the Kilden’s foyer. Half the foyer was full of children, parents and grandparents that day. Most had to stand, and it was a battle for the best seats in front of the stage.


Alexander Rybak will appear again in the role of Trolle with the magic fiddle in a musical at “Kilden Theatre and Culture House”. The musical premieres on November 28. and will be played almost daily till December 28.


“Trolle og den magiske fela” is a fairy tale about daring to the different, and to accept what’s different with others. Trolle is not like all the others. He lacks a tail, and that is something the other trolls never let him forget. One day, Trolle finds a magical fiddle that can change everything, but the fiddle doesn’t just bring good things, and soon Trolle gets in trouble. That’s when the human child Alva shows up and shows Trolle the power of true friendship.

– To me it has been important to write the story about Trolle. It’s important to me to tell children that they are not alone feeling different. That they must not stop believing in good friendship, even if it can take some time, says Alexander Rybak.

The musical is basen on Alexander Rybak’s music and book “Trolle og den magiske fela”.

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