Alexander Rybak played 2 concerts with the Young String orchestra SOFORK


It was a special experience to play together with Alexander Rybak during the weekend, first at a concert in Førde on Saturday, then at Trivselshagen on Sunday. Alexander Rybak charmed the audience. “I hope to return,”- he said.

Great to be able to play with Rybak

“It was great being able to play together with Alexander Rybak. He is very capable.” says Gunhild Nesgård (11). Together with young strings from the county she joined the New Year concert of Sogn and Fjordane Symphony Orchestra this weekend where the famous Eurovision winner was soloist.

Source: “Firda Tidene”, published on 15.01.2014, Author: Inger Haldis Aske Lothe.
Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Anni Jowett.

 He is young, charming and an extraordinarily capable violinist and artist. The head of the board of Sogn and Fjordane Symphony Orchestra made a great move when he had Alexander Rybak join them this weekend.


1521456_698244646874271_1032688295_nAnd the 27 year old artist wasn`t just a source of inspiration to the young strings. It seemed like the whole orchestra rose to a higher level performing with Rybak. The county`s own symphony orchestra managed well on their own too, under capable guidance of Michael Pavelich, musical head of Oper Nordfjord. Not the least we also enjoyed hearing the overture from Carmen which was performed at the beginning of the concert.

The audience also enjoyed hearing more opera when the sopranos Ann-Margrit Silferhielm and Christine Marøy entered the stage. Silferhielm performed Musetta`s aria from “La Boheme” by Puccini. Marøy continued with the popular aria “O mio babbino caro” taken from the opera Gianni Schicci. We also heard the two sopranos together when they performed the famous flower duet from the opera “Lakme” by Delibes.

The young strings in the county got a memory for life. Here they are pictured together with Alexander Rybak. Gunhild Nesgård from Gloppen is standing to the left in the second row.


Handed over flowers

“Our next guest doesn’t need any further introduction. He is one of the biggest artists here in Norway and he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. He both plays, sings and composes music. He is a very talented violinist – the one and only – Alexander Rybak,”- said Pavelich who was also master of ceremonies at the new year`s concert.

“This is a big and fantastic orchestra. Some are young and promising. Others are promising. We will perform “Summer” from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. I hope you`ll like it,”- said Rybak, the applause afterwards confirmed that. The orchestra and the soloist continued with “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus before the break, arranged for orchestra by Alexander Rybak. The soloist spellbound the audience and he performed with great insight which went to straight to the heart. The 25 year old Erika Jasiuniene from Lithuania had front row seats and she was ready with a bouquet of flowers. She rushed forward and handed over the bouquet to Rybak when he went offstage.

“Previously I didn`t like classical music, but I do now. Rybak is fantastic and I have been to a concert with him at home in Lithuania, too. I came from Fosnavågen today. I have worked at a fish factory in Fosnavågen for two months,”- she explained.

The sopranos Ann-Margirt Silfverhielm and Christine Marøy performed amongst other things the famous flower duet from the opera “Lakme”. The cello player Henrik Silfverhielm (to the right) got praise from Rybak for his help with rearranging the pop songs for the orchestra.

Full of enthusiasm about playing

After the break the audience got to hear Rybak perform his own songs together with the orchestra and 27 young strings from the county.  “Europe Skies”, “Funny Little World” and “Roll With the Wind” were on the program, and as an encore we got to hear “Fairytale”, the winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest. Rybak also performed “Liebeslied” by Kreizler, “Seterjentens søndag” by Ole Bull and the Coldplay song “Viva la Vida” together with the orchestra.

“This is the star orchestra you`ve waited for all day. We have rehearsed together over the weekend. The kids are full of enthusiasm when it comes to playing, and they play both with each other and to each other. There are so many capable kids here,”-  said Rybak surrounded by the young strings.

And the kids definitely thought it was fun being onstage with Rybak at the culture house.

“He is really great, not the least he is great on the violin. He inspires us to continue playing our instruments. I have myself been playing the cello since I started at this school,”- said Gunhild Nesgård.

There was a long line at the culture house after the concert. Many people wanted to have a photo and an autograph.

A successful weekend

Arne Hammer was also very satisfied after the new year`s concert at Trivselshagen.

“Our main focus was to create an offer to the strings in the county and build an environment for strings. The wind instruments have many offers, amongst others through the marching bands. The orchestra will continue to do something inspiring. This weekend has been very successful. It was really amazing to collaborate with Rybak. He surprised in a good way,”- said the head of the board.

And with the new year`s concert the celebration of the sports part of Trivselshagen had begun.

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