Pictures and videos from Alexander’s young string seminar and concert in Gomel, Belarus 2. and 3. March 2017

Alexander and Gomel City Symphony Orchestra invited young string students for a seminar and to play with Alexander on stage at the concert.

Students under the age of 14  playing a violin or cello, could take part in the seminar. It was Gomel City Symphony Orchestra who had taken the initiative to invite Alexander, and it was a unique experience for the young strings students to practice and perform on the same stage as the famous Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak . 35 boys and girls from the music schools of Gomel region and even some from Kiev. The youngest student was four years old.

The concert was held on Gomel Social and Cultural Center the 2nd of March and the theme was “From classical to pop”.  Below you will find some videos from both the seminar and the concert  🙂 

Pictures from the seminar. Sources: and 

Pictures from the concert. Sources: and

From the seminar


From the concert



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