Alexander Rybak performs in Estonia!

Article published at  on 18.04.2013

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Susann Šefer. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Picture by Maksim Toome

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak gives 2 concerts in Estonia: in Tartu, club “Tallinn” on the 26th April and in Tallinn, club “Dejavu” on April 27th.

In 1986 Alexander Rybak was born in Minsk. When he was four years old his family immigrated, the violinist and father Igor Rybak and the pianist mother Natalia Rybak, to Norway and they moved to Nesodden which is near to Oslo. Alexander already started to make music when he was five years old, following the example of his parents by learning to play piano and violin.
With the song “Fairytale” he won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest as representative for Norway in Moscow. The song was written by himself and inspired by Norwegian folk music. After Eurovision “Fairytale” became a hit all around Europe.
Rybak published his debut album “Fairytales” right after it and in August 2009 it was available in more than 25 European countries. There were 120 00 copies sold in Norway and about 300 000 copies sold worldwide.
After Eurovision Alexander Rybak visited almost all of the European countries on his concert tours, giving a performance to more than 300 thousand people. He has taken part on big TV shows in Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, including the concert at the Nobel Peace Prize – that was seen by millions of people around the world.

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