Alexander Rybak performed for Crown Princess Victoria – article in 15.07.2018

The artist was invited to perform for Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday.

Source:, published 15.07.18 Text: Anniken Aronsen. Photo: Pr Jahnke and private. 
Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

July 14, also known as the “Victoriadagen” (Victoria Day) in Sweden,  was made a great celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s 41st birthday. Alexander Rybak was one of those invited to stand on stage.
– It is the greatest honour for a violinist to be invited to royal celebration. I feel like Ole Bull now, Rybak writes in a text message to VG before the show.

The celebration took place as usual in Öland at Solliden Castle.

Together with him he had his girlfriend Julie, as he has previously revealed that he found harmony with on Tinder.

– Julie has also dressed up and looking forward to see the royal family, he writes.

BROUGHT HIS GIRLFRIEND: Alexander Rybak brought his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm to Öland to celebrate the Crown Princess. Photo: Private

Rybak himself was in black trousers, shirt and vest. Among other artists on stage were Peter Jöback and Jessica Andersson.

-It’s extra nice because the Crown Princess Victoria is such a nice fellow human, and I’m very touched to be allowed to play for her birthday,” says Rybak.

Text to photo: BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Alexander Rybak was invited to perform at the royal birthday celebration. Photo: Per Jahnke

However, he didn’t play any of the Eurovision songs. Rybak played “Song From A Secret Garden”, “Fattig Bonddräng” (Poor Farmer Boy) from the Swedish children’s book “Emil i Lønneberget” and “Jealous”. Watch videos HERE

– I went on stage with a lovely mix of nervousness and joy. It was really nice to greet the whole family afterwards, says Rybak after the performance

He brought his book “Trolle” as a gift to the Crown Princess’s daughter, Estelle.

ROYAL CELEBRATION: The Crown Princess sat in the front row along with several other royals. Photo: Per Jahnke

“Victoriadagen” has been celebrated since the Crown Princess was two years old. Yesterday it was also known that Kay Wieståhl, who has organised this celebration for years, retires. It was therefore a concern among the Swedes if the celebration will continue, Expressen writes.

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