Alexander Rybak performed at the “Carnival Night” in Debrecen, Hungary 20.8.2018

Alexander Rybak was the guest star at the grand final of the Flower Carnival of Debrecen 2018 in Hungary.

The Flower Carnival is a popular annual week long event that take place in Debrecen, Hungary. The grand final show, the “Carnival Night”,  was held at Nagyerdei Stadion with 20.000 people in the audience, and 2000 dancers joined Alexander in his final song “Europe’s Skies”.  

In addition to perform “Fairytale”, “Europe’s Skies” and his new song “Mom”, Alexander also joined the heavy metal band AWS in their song “Viszlát, nyár” (Goodbye Summer). AWS represented Hungary in ESC 2018 in Lisbon. Videos and pictures below.

The missing microphone 🙂

When Alexander started to sing “Fairytale”, he realized the microphone was missing. The music kept on playing and since there were no signs that  it would be fixed, so he just kept on entertaining the audience with dancing steps and violin play and at the end he also used the microphone on the violin to sing the last part.  Pretty well handled by the guy who say he is prepared for everything to happen on stage. 

Interview with ESC Hungary

 Before the concert Alexander was interviewed by ESC Hungary. You can watch the interview on YouTube HERE.

Because the bad acoustics in the room makes it difficult to hear parts of the interview we have made English transcription. You can watch the video with subs by clicking on the picture . Then click on the full screen symbol in the right bottom. English transcription is made by Anni Jowett. 



The video playlist contains:

1. “Fairytale” without microphone. 2. “Fairytale” with microphone and featuring AWS. 3. “Mom”.  4. Europe’ Skies and 5. Both versions of “Fairytales”

A big thanks to N.B.,  Péter Égerházi, MoniMe, Cs Zsu and Cívishír hírportál, for catching these moments. 

Alexander also gave and interview to ESC Hungary. At some places it is difficult to hear what they say, so we have added English transcription, done by Anni Jowett.  

Pictures  by, and the FB page of the Flower Parade

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  1. Loved the interview, thanks Anni for providing the subtitles! Funny he mentioned he liked surprises but I wonder if he liked the surprise of no microphone! Ha ha

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