Alexander Rybak performed at the 45th anniversary of Halden Municipal Culture School

Article published at on 22.11.13
Author: Max Marius Brynildsen
Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Jorunn E.
English revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak shone onstage at Brygga Kultursal in Halden on Thursday night. He wanted to be a part of the 45th anniversary of Halden Municipal Culture School. When it began in 1968 the name was Halden Music School. In the background we catch a glimpse of the versatile performances in front of a very satisfied audience. Photo:Max Marius Brynildsen.The young girls gathered around Alexander Rybak

The young girls gathered around Alexander Rybak


Alexander Rybak’s performance was a positive climax to many people when the culture school celebrated its 45th anniversary on Thursday night. But before the young violinist entered the stage, the audience already had a blast after having heard some impressive performances from Halden municipal Kulturskole’s own students. 

Absolutely fabulous
The highlight during yesterday`s 45 year anniversary was really the performances of the kids and young people. With and without instruments. The positive climax however was when Alexander Rybak entered the stage. Melodically speaking he was even more impressive during the performance of Coldplay`s Viva La Vida than during Fairytale. It was wonderful seeing how he made the musicians behind him give their utmost, while they were smiling. “Just amazing”,- said the audience several times at this very successful evening. 

Busy days
Alexander Rybak enjoyed performing for the audience in Halden in the middle of a hectic schedule. ”Yesterday I was in Belarus. Before that I was in Spain. This morning (Thursday), I was a guest on God Morgen Norge. Then it was Halden. This was really a stunt on my part. In the middle of a hectic schedule now that I`m rehearsing a lot before the Christmas tour “Silent Night Holy Night.”

Ladies man
Several young girls chased after Rybak when the reporter from HA followed him to the train leaving for Oslo at 10 pm.

Here is a piece of Alexander’s performance of “Viva La Vida”
Recording and upload by May Elisabeth

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