Alexander Rybak performed at 20-years jubilee of Ketil Moe Race for Life. 26.8.12

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Author: Karl Johan Emanuelsen

Article published 26.08.2012

Found by Marianne Saietz, translated by Tessa Lande.

 The last ten years the Civitan clubs at Sørlandet has been responsible for the event, and they’ve done a great job, but the average age of the members increases, so now it is sadly over.

– This is an event Lillesand municipality is proud of. It is sad that this is the last time. I hope someone comes up with a good idea to keep it going, Mayor Arne Thomassen said in his speech.

Ketil Moe’s intention with this race 20 years ago, was that able- and disabled people should participate side by side. Everyone should get a medal. All should feel like winners. The thrill of the race was just as great for participants this august Sunday.First it was a brilliant entertainment in Kjuttaviga by Alexander Rybak, Kristian S. Pedersen, “Kor iall verda” gospel choir, and not at least Thomas Stanghelle.

Worthy end for Ketil Moe’s run race

Article in the paper issue of ” Lillesand Posten” from 28.08.12
Author: Karianne Hartvigsen
Found and translated by Tessa Lande.
Populare: Alexander Rybak attracted many spectators closer to the stage when he performed his hits.

Musical entertainment was gospel song from Evje by the choir “Kor i all verda.” They performed among others “Lean On Me” and “We are the world”, which led to rhythmic applause from the audience.
Anyway, the one who got the most attention was the big star of the show, Alexander Rybak. The area in front of the stage was soon filled up by both young and adults with cameras, when the Eurovision star appeared on the stage.

“When I was here the first time, for 2-3 years ago, I told the organizers that I wanted to come back”,- Rybak said, who engaged the audience.
Several well-known hits were performed before it all ended with the song “Fairytale”. In Stanghelle’s musical Rybak is playing the role of Ketil Moe.

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