Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Eurovision winner instead of a lecture

On Saturday, October 15, we could see the cinema “Vesmír” as we’ve never seen it before. There were no empty seats, after all some people even stood behind. Economic lectures were replaced by the winner of Eurovision 2009 – Alexander Rybak!


Source:, published 18.10.16.
Text:  Photos: Adam Popelka.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Anni J.

 Alexander not only sings and dances, but also accompanies on the violin. Sometimes all at once. He brought with him four very energetic dancers from Lithuania, who helped him to create the whole picture of his performance . There is joy and positive energy in all his songs. Maybe that’s why he conquered the audience during the first song. There was singing, clapping, snapping their fingers… whatever was needed.


The comment of Eva Urbančíková probably best describes enthusiasm of the fans: “With the return of Eurovision to Czech screens, I began to be curious about previous  years and their winners. A Norwegian singer of Belarusian origin playing on violin a mix of Eastern melodies with a Celtic tinge, that’s something you don’t see every day! It was a unique cultural experience for me which I will remember for a long time. The only thing I didn’t like was sitting. A lot of people wanted to move to the beat”.

The concert was opened by Ostravian singer Eliška Mrázová known as Elis, who also replaced Alexander due to his health problems  several times during the evening. She also invited Jan Bendig and Martin Císař to her performance. The highlight of the evening was a duet with Alexander, the song from the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” touched the audience.

Fans from Czech Republic, but also from Poland, Germany and Russia have come to listen to the Norwegian star to a smaller place than usual. But it didn’t stop some of them waiting for some hours before entrance, just to occupy a seat as close as possible to the stage. Loyal fans have waited for several hours after the concert to meet Alexander and get an autograph.

“I left with an autograph and photo about two hours after the concert and there was still a huge queue behind me. Alexander has charisma, and although he was tired after the show, he shook hands and thanked each fan. He didn’t stop bringing joy for a moment, he stated during the concert that it was his goal – to make people happy”, says Eva Urbančíková.

Ostrava said goodbye to Alex with a long standing ovation. Because of this he returned to the stage, thanked the audience and said that they should go home. A big concert in a small place ended with this joke. We thank the organisers of annual festival “Jiná kultura” for inviting such a special guest for us, and we look forward to next performers from the festival programme.

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