Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. – 17. of January 2016

150 lucky ones have a dream weekend with Alexander Rybak

150 young strings from all over Vestfold got a solid dose of extra playing pleasure and enthusiasm, after a hectic but oh so fun weekend together with Alexander Rybak in Sandefjord. 

Source: sb.no Published 1/16/2016. Text and photo: Flemming Hofmann Tveitan. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. Found by Ulli C.

– This is not a job, it’s just fun. You are so clever and here I get everything served on a silver platter.

Says an energetic and super focused Alexander Rybak to the record-breaking string orchestra in front of him in the auditorium at Sandefjord high school on Sunday afternoon.

The moment  “Fairytale” reverberates in the hall,  the 150 strings of all levels and ages start playing, while the famous artist, composer and violinist is pointing, directing and correcting as best as he can.

He is thorough and he never gives up, say best friends and violin students Erlend Strand and Pål Rønnestad Abrahamsen who participate in the dream weekend with Rybak.

It began on Friday with cramming and rehearsals, continued on Saturday with more cramming, rehearsals and instructions and ends on the stage at Hjertnes on Sunday afternoon.

The seminar is a part of the so-called IRIS project of the culture schools and Sandefjord culture school was the host of the big launch.

– There has been an electric atmosphere throughout the weekend with autograph sessions and the whole package. Rybak is incredibly clever with students, says project manager and producer Gunn Edith Nilsen.

– And a fabulous musician,  Marius Astrup Thoresen from the IRIS project adds in.

The music educational project IRIS is a collaboration between Sparebankstiftelsen/Dextra Musica,Vestregionens Ungdomssymfonikere, El Sistema Norge and Sandefjord culture school on behalf of the culture schools in Vestfold and the Grenland area.

Thanks a lot to Helge Krüger for this video with a summary of the seminar weekend 🙂



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