Orchestra seminar Rena, Norway

Alexander Rybak – orchestra seminar and concert at Rena, Norway

Alexander Rybak Rena

The students from both Porsgrunn and Hedmark show some of what they learnt from Rybak.

Got to perform with Alexander Rybak

Source: Porsgrunn Dagblad 24.9.14 Author: Andreas Bjerløv Karlsen. Photo: Thomas Westling. Found by Ulli C, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision Anni Jowett.

Not everyone gets to perform with the one and only Alexander Rybak. But about 30 students from Porsgrunn string orchestra can brag about this now. 

They were at a seminar with the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 last weekend.

It was a great experience for around 30 students who travelled together with their teachers and some parents. The seminar was informative and inspiring. Everyone got to talk to Alexander Rybak who complimented all of the participants, says Maja Even to PD.

It was the Galopporkesteret (Galop Orchestra) at Rena who arranged the seminar where 130 strings from all over Hedmark in addition to Porsgrunn participated.
We were invited to join this seminar because we had a visit from a children’s and youth orchestra from Hamar this spring. Nicolae Bogdan should be given credit for this, tells Evjen.
And just like last time the seminar concluded with a huge concert on Sunday in Åmot.

Alexander Rybak Rena fans

What a bunch,and Rybak took his time and spoke with everyone. No wonder he gets so many fans.

Alexander Rybak was very concerned with each student and he spent time talking to everyone throughout the weekend. In addition everyone got to rehearse with him, both on their mutual performances like Fairytale and Funny Little World, and on their own entertainment songs in smaller groups. Many of the students, particularly those who are 10-12 years old, started playing because of Rybak, says Evjen.




Orchestra seminar Rena, Norway

Festival: Strings from all over Hedmark were at the seminar at Rena during the weekend, and Alexander Rybak was the instructor. The seminar ended with a concert at Åmot Cultural House yesterday evening.

The concentration was probably more sharp than ever by the strings that participated at the seminar at Rena at the weekend.

Source: ostlendingen.no  22.9.14

Author and photo : Kristin Søgård. Translated by Laila S.H., revision by Anni Jowett.

The gym at Rena school was full of violinists, viola players, cellists and bassists. The occasion was the annual string festival of the Hedmark Strings. This year the place was Rena, and the instructor was the Alexander Rybak.
Caroline Lohman (10) from Rena was surely not the only participant that had a really good time. “Cool. When I was younger, I liked him very much, and now I think he is fun” she says.

Together with, amongst others, Mathilde Skårestuen-Johansen (11) from Deset, she used most of Friday evening, Saturday and most of Sunday to play and learn.
Rybak on his part was satisfied, too.
“It is very nice to be here where everything goes smoothly” he said.

Tight programme

The programme of the world famous violinist is otherwise very strict. The last two years he has been working with what he calls a musical book.
“It will be ready next year ,the actors Dennis Storhøi and Stig Werner Moe have added voices” he says.

Something for everybody

The artist has a clear intention that it is not just the participants that should have a benefit of a seminar like this. The parents on the side-lines should have theirs, too.
“It’s important not to bore the audience. I am first of all an entertainer, so I am sure to make a joke now and then” he says.
For Caroline, the benefit is absolutely there, sheconfirms.

We learn to play correctly, for example how long we shall keep the pauses in a music piece and where we should put the fingers, she says.
-Didn’t you know this before?
-Yes, but you can always be better!


LEARNED: Caroline Lohmann and Mathilde SKårestuen-Johansen had the one and only Alexander Rybak as a mentor for the weekend. – Very fun, but a bit tiring too, says Caroline. “Galopporkesteret” in Amot Municipality organized the seminar.

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