Alexander Rybak on the Praising of Children’s Skills, in VG-weekend 1.11.14


Norwegian parents over-praise their children.
What happens when these youngsters grow up and the applause dies down?

Source: paper issue of VG-Helg

An article in VG Weekend 1.11.2014 writes about the issue regarding how many parents praise their children too often, and discusses the problems these “Golden Children” may face once they grow up. Alexander is one of the celebrities who is asked for his opinion concerning this subject. Here’s what he said:

Alexander Rybak vghelg
Alexander Rybak (28) Violinist and Eurovision winner

– My parents praised me only when I did something really well, and provided me with constructive criticism if I did not do it well enough. And I’m happy about that. “Aunt-praising” I got enough of at school. It was nice, but it meant much more to me to receive praise over a good three-hour violin practice. It usually meant that I would be rewarded with LEGO at end of the month.

Due to my upbringing, I take all criticism with great tranquility. And criticism and adversity, I have to endure every single day. If my parents hadn’t slowly prepared me for this industry, I would not have anywhere near as much fun with music as I do today.

Found by Nora Kvernmo Rindal. Translated by TessaLa. Revised by Bita

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