Alexander Rybak on stage with his ex-girlfriend

Alexander Rybak on stage with his ex-girlfriend

This year it, seems that the Christmas concerts can go ahead with sold out churches. Alexander Rybak is among those who will go on a Christmas tour together with the ex-girlfriend that made him world famous: Ingrid Berg Mehus.

Source:, publisert 26.12.21. Text: Kjetil Stoveland. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak sang himself into everyone’s hearts with the song “Fairytale” during Melodi Grand Prix (the Norwegian ESC selection)and the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. In the time after the Grand Prix victory many wondered what fairy tale Rybak sang about.

Dagbladet was the first newspaper to report that the girl he sang about was the musician Ingrid Berg Mehus. The two became an item while they were violin students at Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo. The relationship lasted a year before it ended.

Rybak has earlier called Mehus the best teen crush.

12 years after “Fairytale” was released, the two of them will perform on stage together again. In December they will tour with the “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas tour.

So glad we’re friends again

Rybak looks forward to perform in sold out churches. He also looks forward to sharing the stage with Mehus.

It will be wonderful to sing and play and finally see smiles instead of masks. I’m really looking forward to be on stage with Ingrid too. I’m so glad we’re friends again, and had a nice tour together already last year, if only for 20 people in the audience, says Rybak to Dagbladet.

He also looking forward to perform with the married couple Mittet and Rune Larsen.

– I’m pretty sure Maria has the most powerful voice in the Nordic countries, so it’s always an honor to tour with her. And Rune and Hans Marius are both talented storytellers in their own way, says Rybak.

Nowadays Rybak is in his second year at Columbia College in the USA where he is studying film music.

This year he was afraid he wouldn’t have the opportunity to take part in the Christmas concerts due to his studies. With support from both the producer Tor Arne Ranghus and the professors at the school, he could luckily join the tour.

I think I managed to prove during the Christmas tour last year that I managed to hand in exams in between the Christmas concerts, Rybak says.

We are good friends

Mehus participated in Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 with the song “Feel”, and has for several years worked as a violinist at night clubs. During her participation she asked Rybak for advice.
Together with Rune Larsen, Maria Haukaas Mittet and Hans Marius Hoff Mittet, she and Rybak will go on a Christmas tour throughout the country’s churches.

Mehus looks very much forward to get the audiences in the Christmas mood.

I’m really looking forward to it. I hope there will be a lot of people. It’s a dream now that there can be sold out churches when it starts, says Mehus to Dagbladet.

When asked what she thinks of performing with Rybak during the Christmas concerts she says : I think that’s very nice. He is a nice guy to work with. We are good friends, says Mehus.

The two of them will perform a duet during the Christmas concerts.

We will perform a duet. I can’t say anything more about it rather than it will be a duet with power.

Picture by rb.nett Christmas concerts : Alexander Rybak is studying film music in Chicago. In December he will come home to Norway to perform Christmas concerts together with amongst others his ex girlfriend Ingrid Berg Mehus. The photo is from 2020.

Doesn’t take part in the beginning

However, not all the Christmas concerts will features the two performing the duet. Rybak won’t be on stage until December 8. This is because of the studies in Chicago, the producer Tor Arne Ranghus tells to Dagbladet.

It will be a bit lonely in the beginning, says Mehus.

She is also looking forward to being on stage with both the married couple Mittet and Rune Larsen.

They are great people. This is my third year touring with them. They are extremely capable, and it’s such a nice bunch. We laugh and have a nice time and enjoy ourselves on stage. I hope people in the audience will notice that too, says Mehus.

Brought them together

It was the producer Tor Arne Ranghus who wanted that Rybak and Mehus to perform together. He praises Mehus a lot.

She is an amazing violinist, too. She is a fantastic girl to have with us on the tour. It’s always wonderful to have positive, happy people around you, says Ranghus to Dagbladet.

After a long period with covid restrictions it seems the churches can be filled up. Ranghus says that it still looks like some of the audience are holding back a bit when it comes to buying tickets.

Big parts of our audience are 55 plus. It looks very good this year, but it seems someone are holding back a bit. There is a reluctance to buying tickets, but I hope it will sort itself out, says Ranghus.

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