Alexander Rybak on his new song “Magic” 17.7.2020

Alexander Rybak talks about about his new song “Magic” in interviews with the Norwegian broadcaster NRK1 and newspaper VG 17. July 2020

Source: Parts from an article in, published the 17.7.20 and an interview on the News on NRK1 the same date. Translated by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett.

After being addicted to sleeping pills and antidepressants for 11 years, Alexander Rybak (34) was safely on his way to rehabilitation.
Until May he had worked with his problems, been determined and experienced that everything now went the right way. But in May he hit the wall at full speed, he was on his way back to the wrong track again.

– I felt healthy and started living normally. But in May everything came back, everything felt useless. I started resorting to sleeping pills again. It’s when your body feels the worst you begin to doubt everything you have learned, says Alexander Rybak to VG.

Then he came across the blog of Martine Røsten Aune (24).

– Her blog has saved the whole recovery for me. There is a lot of stuff that sucks, yes. But it is still an uplifting blog. There is a lot that is common to many disorders and it is about dealing with depression. It is in many ways a blog about women’s problems, but there are many other symptoms she describes that I recognize in myself and I still read a chapter of her blog every night, says Alexander Rybak.

Released the song “Magic”

Now he pays tribute to Martine Røsten Aune with the song “Magic” which he released on Friday.
– The whole song is about Martine. I am fascinated by her thoughts and drive, says Alexander Rybak.
– I think there is something down to earth between the two of us. It has been fun exploring each other’s journey. I would like to have her as a coach for me, says Alexander Rybak.

“The girl is magic,” he sings in the song. To Rybak, Martine is “like taken out of a fairy tale”, “everything she says is magical” and “all his problems are gone”.

“Magic” is a special song for him in many ways – not only because of Martine.

– It’s the first song I have made myself, here in my small studio at home in my apartment. The Corona era has taught me to think in new ways and I can no longer afford to use the best and most expensive producers. “Magic” will also be launched internationally. Through the internet I have fans all over the world. It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed music as much as I do now, says Alexander Rybak.

Feeling better day by day

Alexander says to NRK1 that he feels that he now is on his way back to be himself again. Less pain and less frightened when he wakes up in the morning. All this thanks to Martin’s blog and support. You can hear him tell this himself in the video interview below 🙂

The video has English subs by TessaLa , revised by Anni Jowett

Røsten Aune is happy that Rybak has found solace in her blog, and that he has now written a song about her.

– It is quite fun to get your own song in this way. We have met a few times and have become good friends. He is a nice person and it is cozy to spend time with him. I think Alexander is strong to have opened up to the media as he has done now. After all, he is a public figure, says Martine Røsten Aune to VG.

Martine Røsten Aune says that she writes a lot about the female disease endometriosis on her blog and the challenges of living with a disease where there is a limited treatment available.

– It is a painful disease that can affect fertility, digestion, sex life and causes great pain. It is a disease that also presents mental challenges. Besides, it’s a lot about feelings about being sick. And Alexander is not the first man who has made contact and who recognizes himself in what I write even if they don’t have a uterus, says Martine.

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