Alexander Rybak on Eurovision-2012 in Baku. 3 articles.

Alexander Rybak: “Baku is almost home town for me”

Article published on, 20.5.2012, 13:24

Link to original article here. Journalist Yeg’ana Rzahanova.

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

An official opening ceremony of the international song contest “Eurovision 2012” was held In Baku, May 19 at «Euroclub» , which was also attended by Alexander Rybak. As the singer told to Vesti.Az, he is happy that he had arrived in Baku once again .

“Every time I am invited to Baku, I agree with pleasure, because your city is almost home town for me. I met my old friends here. As for the contest “Eurovision 2012”, I believe that it will be held by you at highest level “, – said Alexander Rybak.

Eurovision Song Contest was officially opened in Baku.

Article published on, 20.5.2012

Link to original article here. Journalist Natalia Kiseleva.

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Translation of the parts concerning Alexander Rybak:

Suddenly for all those who were present  Alexander Rybak, Norwegian winner of “Eurovision-2009” held in Moscow, appeared on the carpet. Alexander became the first artist on the carpet who caused a stir both between the journalists and the fans. Prior to his arrival all was quiet. Alexander generously gave interviews, autographs and made photos with everyone who wished.

“I have never seen such a preparation for the” Eurovision” like in Baku. Preparation continues so far. You probably can see by yourselves that builders and workers are constantly doing something. The city is changing in front of our eyes. Many feared how all this will be held, if they will have time to do everything, but they manage. Just imagine that they built an arena especially for “Eurovision”  in less than one year. How is that possible? Less than a year! That did not happen in any other country “, – said Alexander Rybak to the correspondent of ” Vesti.Ru. “

Later at the Opening Ceremony Alexander admitted that he did not quite agree with the bookmakers who were predicting victory for Sweden. In the individual rankings of Rybak  the Cypriot Ivy Adam takes the first position with her groovy song LaLaLove. The appearance of Ivy caused a revival even on the red carpet. The chorus of the song was sung along with her singing by all the participants.

The contestants of “Eurovision” confessed their love for “Buranovskie grandmas”.

Article published on, 20.5.2012, 09:40

Link to original article here

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Translation of the parts concerning Alexander Rybak:

BAKU, May 20 – RIA Novosti. The winner of the Moscow “Eurovision-2009” AlexanderRybak and the contestants of the present  contest, which was officially opened in Baku on the stage of “Euroclub” on Saturday night, admited that they consider the Russian contestants of the group “Buranovskie grandmas” as the most lovely and charming ones on the song forum-2012.

The official opening ceremony was preceded by the passage of delegations of 42 countries participating in the competition in 2012 on the red carpet. It was supposed to begin at 19:00 local time, but by this point the workers had not even finished laying the carpet. The start of the ceremony was delayed for more than an hour and when the first participants of “Eurovision” started their passage, it appeared that nobody announced them. The delegations’ buses came faster than the previous contestants passed by the carpet and therefore participants from different countries are often mixed up and it was hard to figure out who presented which country.

As the Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak, who won at the “Eurovision” in Moscow in 2009, said to RIA “News”: “no country had not prepared as much as Azerbaijan but they have not even finished, they are not ready actually , and everybody has arrived already”.

“Some buildings aren’t built yet. They hoped that the “Eurovision” begins a bit later, but now it all began already. But the main thing is that people are very warm and hospitable. There are a lot of colors. Very good taste. I would say, that reminds me of Moscow to me – not too ceremonial, as in many other countries, and very stylish,” – said the musician, explaining the lack of organization at the opening.

However when we were talking about “Buranovskie grandmas” Rybak literally blossomed immediately and called them “the most-most lovely ones here.”

“I think that the song of Cyprus is the best, and I would dance with the” Grandmas ” to the song from Cyprus. And the “Grandmas” will be in the top five. I would play with them at some party with pleasure” – said Rybak.


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