Alexander Rybak – Musical “When the Colours Disappeared” 10.09.2011

Together with children and youngsters of Nannestad Culture School, Alexander performed as actor, singer and musician in 2 successful performances of the musical, “When the Colours Disappeared”.

The performances took place in the Ullensaker Culture House in Jessheim, Norway on September 10th, 2011.

Article from Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad:
“Rybak Took Jessheim by Storm”

TOOK JESSHEIM BY STORM. Alexander Rybak and Nannestad Kulturskole delivered the goods and achieved a good mood on Saturday.

Written by Harald Eigum. Photos by Harald Eigum.
Published 11.9.2011.

English revision by AnniJo

JESSHEIM: Alexander Rybak  presented, with the clever soloists and chorists from Nannestad Culture-school, a musical performance packed with energy – and a good message.

– I am looking forward to the show a lot,- says Ida Hermansen. She has brought her mother Maria with her and, together with 250 others, she experienced the skilled culture school pupils and an Alexander Rybak on full steam in an exciting musical teamwork at Ullensaker Culture House.

Colours dissapeared
TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Alexander talks to colour thieves.

Rybak as an Idol
The plot of the play is that thieves have stolen all the colours of the village and the citizens are beginning to lose hope and courage. But under every grey surface, bright colours will shine among the people and a rescue is always close.

– I actually came here, mostly to see Alexander Rybak – says  Martin Kitti, who watched the last performance of the evening.– It was a great experience! Rybak is a very good violinist. I have, myself, recorded a CD with violin-music and Rybak is my big idol,- says Martin.

Photos from the performance

The photographer is Harald Eigum

3 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak – Musical “When the Colours Disappeared” 10.09.2011”

  1. i wish i would see those nice performances but so much regret !!!!!! o i want to say: thanks 4 these lovely images and articles. Long Live Guys… i love you 4 always. buy till hi <3 <3 <3

  2. I had the opportunity to see both performances in Jessheim on Saturday.
    All of us were really suprised that children were so professional. Their voices such as Alexander´s voice were amazing and whole the performance was really great.
    I really enjoyed that together with my good friends Jitka, Milada and Jorun.
    Thanks to Alexander for taking his time to make such a great performance with kids and thanks to my friends sharing this event with me.

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