More fun to be a musician than a celebrity – Rana Blad 29.10.2011

Text to featured picture: Tomorrow Alexander Rybak plays concert with 70 young musicians in the Kongresshall. He is very happy with that.

It is not a project, but a dream coming true when Alexander Rybak, this weekend, leads 70 musicians forward to a concert.

Source: . Text and photo by Hedda Hiller Elvestad. 
Found by Marit Olavsdatter. Translation by Marianne Saietz. Norwegian/English revision by TessaLa.

– This  is exactly what I have been dreaming about. To be allowed to  travel around and inspire young talents, says Alexander Rybak and lets his fingers slide over the piano at Prima Music school.

Adjusted to young people.

Yesterday he began the rehearsals for tomorrows concert in the Kongresshall, together with 70 young local musicians

– It is not long ago since I went to Malaysia and played for important people and politicians. That is fun, but this is better. You get to a deeper human level, says Rybak. He has arranged the music especially to adjust to a Norwegian youth level.

– The young people should get a feeling of success, but the audience should also get an experience. It is very exciting to be with the young people and watch them meet these challenges in stride. It is much better playing together, than if I was just giving concert here all alone, says Rybak.
– Clever children can get a defeat and think that they can’t do anything fun with a violin. I hope I can show them that they can. Challenge more genres.  I want this to be written on my tombstone: ” He spread himself to the end”,  Rybak jokes.

Travels around

He has spent the last year relaxing and just do what he wants to do.
–  It is much more fun to be a musician than to be a celebrity. I actually have a “Shut up”-period in the media, while I hatch out my big future “child”, says Rybak and winks.
– The celebrity part is work, but it is  not only a burden. When I have a bad day and a child comes to me with a drawing she has made, it is very nice too.

Rybak has travelled around a lot this year and has, among other things, taught at music schools and played together with children and young people, but the project which is made in Rana, has only been made once before – in Ålesund. 
– It is nice to be both the teacher, organizer, conductor and soloist. I had a master class in Rana some years ago, and I have been looking forward to come back.

– The nature does something to me. I can already feel I am surrounded by fresher air, says Alexander and takes a breath. 
– I like people who make you feel you are welcome. There are many such people in Mo i Rana,  says the musician.

Collaboration: Alexander Rybak got to know Violetta Sørensen, the leader of Prima Music school,  through Violetta’s daughter, who plays in Rybak’s band.



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  1. I told about this night to Violetta more than one year ago. And now it’s coming! Ehe-he-he-he!!!!)))

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