Alexander Rybak meets fans in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15.10.11

Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Group picture by K. M. Z.

It does not happen often that Alexander visits Asia. But on Friday 14.10. 2011 he arrived in Malaysia after a long journey from Norway, to give a concert at the annual Norwegian seafood-dinner of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Many of Alexanders fans in Malaysia got the chance to meet him the day after in the lobby of the hotel Mandarin Oriental where he stayed.

Here you can read some of the comments from the fans who met him and see some of their photos!

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Nadea Ruzmen:

“From the moment I reached the hotel until the time I left it, it felt so surreal. I became speechless and just stared at him in awe. Alex was friendly and really nice to all of us. And he was spontaneous as well. Definitely one of the best moments in my life.”

Ibtisem Khan:

Had a GREAT time. He was a total sweetheart and encouraged me to continue with my music, so I was crazy happy with that. God bless you, him and everyone who came for the meet & greet. Made my OCTOBER perfect! :)”

Russell Hicks :

“The  meeting was great! As you can see from the photos there were about 16 people there. Alexander spent an hour kissing everyone, hugging everyone, and talking to everyone. He was really interested in his Malaysian fans; he signed violins, autographs and played a couple of songs on the fans out of tune violins. He banned me from uploading this video..( :-D)”

Mya Sazly:

“It´s been so long, when I haven’t check my email, facebook and etc. I got the info from my aunt who is also a big fan of Alex.  When Alex showed up, I was in shock and I just couldn´t believe it was him! Only God knows how much I appreciate this sweet time. He is so friendly, funny, talented, and charming. Even though he was tired, he still put on a sweet smile for us and treated every single one of us nicely. Alex is a good hugger too. He made me miss his hugs. I hope he will come again to Malaysia for a concert because I missed his concert in KL. But it really gave me a sweet memory in the fan-meeting. And before he left, he gave me a lovely kiss. Thank you Alex, u made my day J. I will support Alex until the end. I really love his song. He has talent in playing violin! “

Azuwa Haris:

“The best moment ever in my life! Thank you to EVERYONE! My dream came true because of you guys!”

K. M. Z.:
“Alex was very nice and treated every single of us nicely. Although he was very tired, he kept , putting a smily face on. So touched. Nice to meet y’all!”


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  1. It’s so nice and exotic to see Alex with fans from so far away, and very nice to hear your nice reports too. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Rybak -- connecting people.
    That’s still true

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