Meet and Greet in Istanbul, Turkey 13.08.2017

Fan reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet & Greet in Istanbul, Turkey. 

“I’ve decided to meet y’all and say hello and give you a hug” – Alexander Rybak

On 10th August 2017, Alexander delighted his European fans by the sudden announcement he would be arranging three meet and greets in the next week since he was having business meetings and studio sessions in Europe.

The first one was in Turkey on 13th August where he made the bold promise:

“I will be hugging each and every one who comes tomorrow to the beautiful roof of Mr.Cas Hotel on Istiklal Street, Istanbul at 8pm”. – Alexander Rybak

The event was well attended and judging by the reactions and photos posted on Instagram I think he actually managed to keep that promise.

Now we’d like to share with you some of those stories and photos from a few of the fans who were present…


I literally had been thinking about the meet and greet all day. I had never been so excited in my entire life.

“I started to falter while waiting for autograph line.”


I went to hotel with my cousin. We had to wait about half an hour to see him. I held my pen, notebook and phone while waiting for him. I started to count the minutes. When he came in the crowd went insane, everybody started to scream and filming him (including me) as he tried to go upstairs to play violin for us.

Firstly, he made a speech about why he hadn’t been to Turkey for about 4 years. Then he played a Norwegian song and “Fairytale”. We started to sing “Funny Little World” all together.  Afterwards, he went to balcony of the hotel and started giving autographs and photos. My heart started to beat faster than normal as I approached him. Now it was time, my turn! I felt like I was going to die. I said “I love you” and we gave each other a hug. He asked my name and I told him my name. After I asked him for an autograph, he said “no” and started to laugh. He gave me the autograph, we took a picture and I gave him a hug before I left. That was the best memory I have ever had in my life. I love him from the bottom of my heart and I’m so honoured to have inspiration and an idol like him.


It was like a dream, everything went so fast. I wanted to go to Oslo when I was a child.

“Today is my birthday and this is the most special birthday gift I ever had.”

My dream came true. After all these years, he was in Istanbul. I met him. I hugged, I talked with him. I saw him. He’s sympathetic and so fine. A wonderful person.
I tried to send a letter to his manager when I was child but now I could give it to him myself.

He always touched my soul with his music in the best way. By the way, I’ll take violin lessons this year. Finally 🙂
I loved his classical performances, English music, Norwegian music, all of them. And now, I heard his music in the same atmosphere. It’s so precious for me. Thank you so much for coming here and I’m so grateful for giving me such a wonderful experience. This is the most special birthday gift I ever had. See you again.


First of all Alexander made some music including “Fairytale” and “Funny Little World”, there were already about 200 people waiting to meet him.

What else can I ask besides meeting and chatting with my favourite singer? Thanks for everything.”

We went to the balcony and my turn came in the queue. He signed my paper and l hugged and took a photo. He’s always so nice and happy.
But I’m so impressed that he kept saying the weather is ‘So hot ‘ and 3 days ago he said ‘I’m going to hug everyone ‘ And he did it no matter how challenging it was. He is so honest.
I left there around 9.30 but there were still lots of people and he was interested in everyone. He told he would come to Istanbul again but when the political climate is more settled. 
I had so much fun. I always imagined how it would be to go to Alexander’s concert, but this meeting so amazing and surprising for me. It was one of my biggest dreams, I was totally lost for words.


Meeting Alexander was such a beautiful experience. We came an hour early just in case and already the small hotel was crowded with people. It was my first time going to a meet & greet, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect but I definitely wasn’t expecting so many people to be there. Alexander was such a sweetheart to everybody, trying to spend a couple of minutes with everyone, despite the crowd. And during that time, he also mentioned that he really wants to give a concert in Istanbul! So that’s something to look forward to. He played “Funny Little World” and the crowd sang along to it, that was a great moment.

“Thanks for being so sweet to your fans and hope you enjoyed your stay in Istanbul!”

I had drawn a sketch of Alexander before coming and when I finally had the chance to talk to him, he was so sweet about it! He joked about how he wished he had cheekbones like the ones in the drawing (I sheepishly replied that his were better and I just couldn’t draw it) and he advised me to never lose my inspiration, which I think was really touching. After that I was a bit too star-struck to really chat with him but we did take photos and hugged, which was all I could ask for.

Many thanks to Ece, Ayşe, Gulnihal and Ceren for sharing their stories with us. 

And now we share a link from Haldun Özenir’s YouTube channel, so that you too can enjoy Alexander serenading his Turkish fans on the balcony of the Mr.Cas hotel in Istanbul. 

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