Alexander Rybak in “Klart eg kan” NRK Super 7.10.14


“Klart eg kan” (Of course I’ll manage) is a TV-documentary serie about children who do things they hope to manage for the first time.


klart eg kan NRK Super Alexander Rybak

This episode is about Olianna who plays  the violin and will play a concert together with someone she thinks is really good, namely Alexander Rybak who won the Eurovision Song Contest. But will she manage to play correct? And will she get the chance to meet Alexander?

The programme was recorded 11th of January this year, when Alexander had an orchestra concert in Førde, Norway.


The episode will be broadcasted on NRK Super 7th of October at 18.20 CET, and rebroadcasted 2nd of November at 08.05 CET. Link to watch online here, and link to watch from archieve here. We don’t know if the live broadcasting will be possible to watch from outside Norway, but last seasons epiosdes in archive can be watched from abroad, so we guess this season will be too.


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