Rybak kicked off music fest at the gymnasium 12.11.2017

Alexander Rybak kicked off the music fest at the gymnasium

It doesn’t happen every day that world famous artists perform at a gymnasium with the local marching band, at least not out here at Hurumlandet.

Text to featured picture: Hurum and Røyken big band: Rybak played amongst others “Ain’t That a Kick in The Head” together with the big band.

Source: Røyken og Hurum Avis, published 13.11.2017. Text and  photos: Per Daltun Zaring. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision Anni Jowett.

Frydenlund school marching band often invite guest artists to their concerts, but they have never had a guest similar to Alexander Rybak’s standard.

He became world famous when he won the international final of Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with 387 points, which is still the highest point score in the history of Eurovision.

Marching band and big band

The marching band had a seminar during the weekend at the school, and Rybak participated too. On Sunday afternoon they celebrated by having a concert at a sold out gymnasium, where also Hurum and Røyken big band took part.

The school marching band began the concert together with the recruits in the marching band, before Rybak entered the stage and played together with them.

Rybak played and sang in several parts, both alone and together with the others in different settings.

RYBAK IN ÅROS : Alexander Rybak spent much of the weekend with Frydenlund school marching band in Åros, and ended the concert at the gymnasium on Sunday together with the school marching band and Hurum and Røyken big band.

Local soloists were impressive

Alexander Flåten Sky sang “Mustang Sally” with great feeling, accompanied by the others including  Rybak on the violin, and Flåten Sky was very impressive also in the second part with amongst others the song “The Dark End of the Street” together with the big band.

Rybak played accompanied by the piano amongst others Løvland’s “Song from a Secret Garden”, and the big band and their soloist Siri McAlpine ended the first part.

This was very good, varied and nice. It’s very special to have a musician of Alexander Rybak’s standard to come here and play with a school marching band and a big band,and I look forward to the second part, said Torill Sæthre Hagen from Bødalen.

MUSTANG SALLY: Alexander Flåten Sky in Frydenlund school marching band normally sings while playing the guitar, but here he was accompanied by Hurum and Røyken big band , the school marching band and not last but not least Alexander Rybak.

Almost a little absurd

We met Alexander Flåten Sky during the break. 
What was it like being accompanied by Alexander Rybak? 
It was very special, almost a bit absurd when I stood there. This is a very funny concept, and I hope we can do something similar again. I would like to sing more together with the school marching band and the big band, he said.

He was amazing, Torhil Vandbakk pointed out in passing, and we still had more to look forward to from that guy in the second part.

A fantastic bunch

After the break it continued with the various music sets separately and together, and Rybak played amongst others an intense Hungarian suite together with his pianist and “Kick in the head ” with the big band.

Right from the start he was good at communicating with and getting the youngest both in the audience and those onstage involved.

It’s a fantastic bunch with great talents you have here, so take good care of them, he said before the whole ensemble ended with “Fairytale”, his winning song from Eurovison.

BOOK SIGNING : Several had particular wishes when Rybak signed his book after the concert.

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