Alexander Rybak – Julie is the dream girl

Finally the Eurovision star can sing about happy love.

Alexander Rybak Julie Gaarud Holm Se Her juni 2016
1. Alexander Rybak celebrating 10 years as an artist. 2. Dated on Internet- Met on the Internet: Alexander and Julie found each other on the dating App Tinder, and has been together for about 6 months. 3: Romantic getaway: Dream girl on dream trip: Recently Alexander took Julie on a romantic getaway to Miami in the south USA.

Source: Se&Hør paper issue, published 28.6.2016. Author: Line Hekkli Photos: Geir Egil Skog, Andreas Fadum, Alexander Rybak (Instagram)

Sings about love
In 2009 Alexander Rybak (30) won Eurovision Song Contest with “Fairytale”, a song about unhappy love. Today his lyrics are full of happiness, inspired by his new girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm (22).
– For the first time in many years I can feel the pleasure of trusting a girl 100%. Now I will encourage others to not fear love, and inspire people to love each other, smiles a joyful Alexander.

Get s inspired: Alexander Rybak’s latest song “I Came to Love You” is about the happiness he experience with his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm. Earlier his songs have been about unhappy love.

Need to have time with his girlfriend
He met Julie on the dating App Tinder, and the two quickly found the tone. At| the beginning of June the ESC star took his girlfriend for a romantic holiday in Miami, where they among other things visited Universal Studios.  After he fell in love it has been more important to have leisure time for the popular singer, who is used to a pretty hectic schedule.

– I have learned to relax and sleep better. It’s important to have leisure time with friends and family, and now when I have got a girlfriend the time is even more precious. It took a while before I understood that “multitasking” does not always make me ready to be on stage, says Alexander.

Musical anniversary
In July he is ready for the audience at Bølgen Kulturhus in Larvik, where he has premiere on his new show “Entertainer”. It’s namely 10 years since Alexander won NRK’s “Kjempesjansen”, which become his big breakthrough in Norway. Now he celebrates 10 years anniversary with a big show. The 30-year old is in no doubt of what has been the highlight in his career so far.

Alexander Rybak 2006 til 2016 seher 2016– Hopefully I’m in the middle of my career now. The biggest moment was when I won Eurovision with “Fairytale”. I’m still not tired of that song. All artists’ dreams of a song like this, that becomes a visit card.

Wrote a song for his girlfriend
In the show the audience will get to hear both old and new stuff. The boy from Nesodden will among other songs perform “I Came to Love You”, which is a love declaration to Julie.

– Earlier my love songs have been a little “bitter-sweet”. They have been about someone I can’t get, or wanted to have. There has always been “an itch” with them, but this song is just filled with pure love for Julie, Alexander tells.

This May the charismatic artist turned 30 years old, something he finds completely unproblematic.
– When you have such a lovely girlfriend like Julie, it’s no problem. She is the dream girl!

Text to the three photos in a row:
2006: It is 10 years since the artist won the talent show “Kjempesjansen” on NRK. Here he is congratulated by the host Dan Børge Akerø.

2009: Big moment: Alexander made it to the topp in Eurovision final in Moscow with “Fairytale”. He describes the moment as the highlight if his career so far.

2016: Celebrates witha new show: Alexander is celebrating 10 years anniversary with the show “Entertainer” where he is companied by Sofie Bjerketvedt and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen.

In Azerbaijani :

Aleksandr Rıbak – Yuliye arzuladığım qızdır!

In Hungarian:

Alexander Rybak – Julie az álomlány!


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  1. Alex & Julie

    I am very happy for you both. She seems lovely girl. I wish you lots of fun, happiness and smile every day. The song is really lovely too. No one like you deserves to find his luck and LOVE.

    Best regards with love

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