Alexander Rybak is to appear in the new season of “Så ska det låta”!

With great pleasure we’d like to inform you that Alexander will again compete in Swedish popular music-quest show “Så ska det låta” (Name That Tune). We all loved watching the show in 2010, when Alexander competed with Maria Haukaas and in 2012 with Elizabeth Andreassen. This time he will be in a team with Swedish singer Pernilla Wahlgren, and their competitors are the girls from Swedish bluegrass and country musical group “Abalone Dots” . The recording of programme was made in Stockholm on October 21st, and Pernilla has described it in her blog (thanks Pernilla!) The new season will be aired on Swedish TV-channel SVT in early spring 2014.

Så ska det låta

Published on 22.10.2013 at Pernilla Wahlgren’s blog

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Anni Jowett.

The fantastic musically and talented Alexander !!

It was a real pleasure to compete with this incredibly talented and cute Norwegian!

Brand new for this year as host is Kalle Moraeus, who did a brilliant job!

I’m satisfied and happy after tonight’s effort, although Alexander and I unfortunately never got to sing the duet we had rehearsed …

But that’s how it is. One cannot know in advance which words will come up, and sometimes unfortunately the words you need aren’t there.

However, we hope to get another chance. And we were talking about it would be fun to compete together even in Alexander’s homeland! Norway’s “Så ska det låta” is named “Beat for beat” and for some odd reason Alexander has never taken part there.

Picture from “Abalobe dots” Instagram

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