Alexander Rybak is shortlisted for the Social Star Award!

Link to the source.  Found by Ulli C.

Overview prepared by Hilde M.


Alexander is Norway’s hottest star on social media

Today he was shortlisted for Norway  Social Star Awards by Starcount.

Starcount is a company that count and chart the performances of public profiles on social networks.

The Social Star Awards will be held online on Youtube 23 May, 2013.

Alexander is Nr. 4 on the today’s Chart for Norway, just pushed down one place by A-ha due to their short revival at the Bilboard show.

He is Nr. 17 on the All-time Folk Chart, worldwide.

On the total Global Chart, he has increased his ranking from about Nr. 11 000 in December 2012 up to Nr. 5789 today.

With a total of 59,537 Twitter followers, 577,899 Facebook fans and 37,957,370 YouTube views.

Today Alexander Rybak gained 222 Twitter followers, gained 434 Facebook fans and gained 59,723 YouTube views.

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