Alexander Rybak is happy to give joy to the children at the hosptial

A video from the Norwegian magazine Her&Nå’s website and an article in this week’s paper issue about this lovely story 🙂

Alexander Rybak thinks children deserve joy.

Source: Her&Nå, Author: Stig H. Justad.

Found by Ulli C, recorded by Sonya L, transl and subs by TessaLa, Revision by Bita J.

He gave away his home cinema system!
The pediatric ward at Ullevål Hospital received an unexpected gift from Alexander Rybak.

A good fairy has visited the youth room at the Children’s clinic at Ullevål Hospital. Valuing over 100,000, Alexander Rybak (28) donated loads of his DVDs and games, his home cinema system and a huge flat screen television.

Real joy
– Children need joy, says Alexander, while being surrounded by happy children.

– Here, both adolescents and children can be allowed to live in their own world. That’s what movies are all about, getting into your own world, he adds.


 Alexander Rybak gave away gifts worth 100.000 Norwegian crones.

Source: paper issue of Her&Nå,  Author: Stig  H.Justad. Photo: Tom Hansen

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre

hospital gift Alexander Rybak
A HEART OF GOLD! Ready, steady, fun: It was a happy bunch that particpated at the opening of the youth room at Ullevål hospital. Back row from left: Malene, Jorunn and Andreas. Front row from left: Heidi, Peder and Eirik. Alexander is the natural center of attention.


Alexander Rybak gave away both a flat screen television and a home cinema system. Now the children at Ullevål hospital can enjoy this generous gift.

hospital gift Alexander Rybak
Opening: The twins Malene and Heidi willingly helped Alexander cut the ribbon when the youth room was solemnly opend.

The place is the children`s clinic at Ullevål hospital. The hospital school and it’s Play Therapy are located on the third floor. The artist, Alexander Rybak (28), has donated lots of DVDs and games, a home cinema system and a huge flat screen worth nearly 100 000 NOK to the youths’  room.



hospital gift Alexander Rybak

Both the gifts and the special  person were extremely popular, which Her & Nå were able to experience when we followed Alexander during the official opening of the room.

The youths’ room is supposed to be a retreat at the unit where children and teenagers stay for shorter and longer periods of time.

-I like how children and teenagers get entertained and inspired. I hope they can become just that in this room, says the former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest to Her& Nå.

It wasn’t strange that he decided that the children’s clinic at Ullevål hospital was the right recipient.
– It hit me when I was ill myself that I needed the home cinema system the most. I experienced a huge joy by being entertained and inspired. I thought right away that it would be perfect to have it here, and the hospital gladly accepted the gift when I called them.

When Alexander looks around the newly opened room, he is both proud and satisfied.

hospital gift Alexander Rybak
Loves PlayStation: Lots of hours have been spent on this, admits Alexander, who is very much into TV-games.

I’m very pleased they have put the system together properly, and haven’t just thrown it away in a corner. Because that way no one would bother to even look at it. Here, both teenagers and children are able to be in their own world. That’s what movies are all about, to enable you to enter a world of your own. I’ll be happy to come back and watch movies together with the children. It’s very nice that the things I have given them seem to mean something to them.

There is not doubt that Alexander himself also means something to the children. During the opening, he played the violin and received a good response.

Can I have a photo of the two of us so that I can post it on Instagram afterwards so that all of my friends can see it? asks Jorunn (9) who is in a wheelchair.

Suddenly Alexander Rybak is on his knees and takes a photo of them. This will be the best photo ever, he says smiling.

“Alexander was like a good fairy to us”


hospital gift alexander rybak
She  realized the chance to get a selfie with Alexander Rybak and got out her cell phone from the pocket. Boy did she look forward to posting the photo on Instagram to show her friends who she had met!

The specialist in education at the play therapy, Heidi Marie Espehjell,  is also smiling. Alexander’s gift to the unit means an awful lot to all of them.

It’s not in the least because we didn’t have anything and too few means. When we got the TV the ball started rolling. Now we have a separate youth room at the unit in addition to the school and Play Therapy. Alexander was like a fairy godmother to us. Now we’re planning on having a regular youth club held here once a week, and the room can be used by teenagers otherwise.

The specialist in education doesn’t hide the fact that being hospitalized is special for young people. It’s the same with teenagers as with small children. They’re at the hospital and experience a totally different everyday life and world, but their lives do continue. However, for teenagers, it may be even harder, as they’re at a different stage in life, and are used to using the Internet and being around friends, and would want to have some time by their own.

If they don’t have that opportunity, it almost becomes like a prison in many ways. Even if they are doing OK and are taken care of, it’s something about feeling that you’re a youth even if you’re here at the hospital. We hope that the youth room can help with that, says Heidi Marie.


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