Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie – “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016

Found his girlfriend on the internet

“Julie is a friend, girlfriend and muse”

The popular artist found his big love on the dating App Tinder.
– Now I am calm in my soul, says Alexander Rybak

Source: Her og Nå 6.12.2016. Text: Marianne Kristiansen. Photo: Lasse, Eriksson, Morten Bendiksen, TV2, private. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

The singer and violinist Alexander Rybak (30) is current with his new song “I Came to Love You”. The lyrics are written in the honour of his girlfriend, Julie Gaarud Holm (22).

– It’s lovely to release a new song. It’s a tribute to Julie and love, says Alexander to “Her og Nå”.

When the artist performed the song to his loved one, it didn’t exactly go as planned.
– She didn’t understand that it was for her. Julie just said that she thought it was a good song, but I didn’t get the immediate reaction to that it was for her. I haven’t written a song to a girl since “Leave Me Alone” to one who stalked me in 2012.

In good mood: Alexander found new inspiration to compose music after he found love. Picture in the right upper corner: 10 year anniversary: In 2006, the then 20th year old artist won the talent competition “Kjempesjansen” on NRK. Here with the host Dan Børge Aakerø.

Alexander and Julie met by the dating App Tinder.
– Actually I was pretty fed up with Tinder long before we met. It almost became a job. I met several nice people, but more and more I lost faith in that I would find real love, the 30-year old admits.
He adds that it all changed when he met the 22-year old Julie.
-When we went on a date to get to know each other better, I soon realised that this was something more. It’s not often that people understand me and my intentions, soul to soul. At least not a beautiful girl in her twenties.

JULIE IS A FRIEND, GIRLFRIEND AND A MUSE. Wrote a song to Julie: Alexander Rybak is current with the song “I Came to Love You”. The lyrics are dedicated to his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm. – It’s a tribute to Julie and love, says Alexander about the song. Photo2: Together with Maria Haukaas Mittet, Alexander performed on the TV-show “Hope in a pot” on TV2.

The nice restaurant visit gave positive repercussions for the Eurovision winner.
-Right after I went home to my piano and composed classical music. It was not only a nice meeting, but a liberation of the soul. It was love. Julie is a friend, girlfriend and a muse. She is beautiful and intelligent. I really hope this will last!

This summer Alexander had the summer show “Entertainer” at Bølgen Culture house in Larvik. 10 years after he won NRK’s “Kjempesjansen”.

-Now I am calm in my soul. I hoped to find a girlfriend I could go to Disney World in Florida with, so that we have just done. We stayed in a nice hotel, and visited the amusement parks in the area. Julie and I are both childish, so we fit together well.

Photo 1: Love vacation: Alexander and Julie at Disney World in Florida. – I have dreamt about going there for a long time, says Alexander. Photo 2: In love: Julie is both beautiful and intelligent, brags Alexander. The love couple met on the dating App Tinder.

When Alexander won Eurovision with the song “Fairytale” in 2009, he was only 23 years old.
-Earlier I was 100% self-confident, and practising 0% carefulness. I thought while I was speaking, and then it can often be too late. Now I have given 20% of my self-confidence to carefulness. I have learned a lot. One doesn’t understand that one has to walk carefully on  ice, before you have experienced that it’s slippery, says the artist.

The song star has had a tremendous success, but not all the advice he got on his way was just as good.
– I felt like someone who should listen to the adults. There were  some bad choices taken on my behalf.
– I wish I was allowed to say “yes” to take part in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Oprah”.
– Imagine if I could have a new chance to do this with the experience I have today.

The young artist thanks his father Igor(62) for that he didn’t cancel any concert when the situation was tough. .
– My father said; “If you need a break, you won’t be able to relax if you know you have cancelled something. I’m very pleased that I listened to my father. Now I try to say a bit more “no”, just to take care of my health. The jobs I choose now often get better. And it’s also a bonus that I can spend more time with Julie.


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