Alexander Rybak is featured in Christian Ingebrigsten’s joik on “Muitte Mu”

Alexander Rybak is featured in Christian Ingebrigsten’s joik on “Muitte Mu”

In Norway the current series of “Muitte Mu” continues and the fourth episode had a great surprise for Alexander Rybak’s fans. In this episode it was the turn of Christian Ingebrigtsen   He invited Alexander to play violin on his studio performance of the joik written to honour his father Stein Ingebrigtsen.

Christian has a special message for Alexanders fans and has told Alexander Rybak News  ” It’s always a pleasure hearing Alexander play, and such an honour having him perform on my joik. He plays the melody beautifully.”

Christians whole Joik can be seen here, and his whole episode here.

Here is a video of the highlights ( with English translation) of Alexander’s appearance in Christian’s episode.

“Check out my very first joik on Spotify now😄 It’s a live recording from the TV show «Muitte Mu» on NRK1. It’s my father’s joik, and it’s called «Mu Bákti». It’s also a great pleasure to have the extraordinary @rybakofficial play on it …Christian Ingebrigtsen”


About Christian Ingebrigtsen 

Click on this image for a link to “Mu Bákti” on Spotify.

Like Alexander, Christian comes from a very musical background. His father Stein Ingebrigtsen was the biggest selling recording artist in Norway in the 1970s. At the age of three, Christian joined his father on tour. He learned to play the violin at six, and later started playing the piano and guitar. Christian studied song-writing and production at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and later went on to have great success as part of the band A1 and also in his solo career launched in 2003.


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