Alexander Rybak is back in the MGP circus, HerogNå 23.1.2018

Julie is my main support

Alexander Rybak experienced that people around him were considering the pros and cons, but Julie was determined that her boyfriend deserved a place in MGP.

Source: Paper issue of HerogNå 23.1.2018 Tekst: Marianne Thorshaug Kristiansen Photo: Svein Brimi, Lasse Eriksson, NTB Scanpix
Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak (31) took the world by storm after his superior victory in the Eurovision final in 2009 with the song “Fairytale”.

The time after the victory was up and down. That’s life regardless, but you get many more opportunities after something like that. I’ve been allowed to collaborate with others. It’s fun being alone, but It’s even more fun being with someone, says Alexander to Her og Nå.

Melodi Grand Prix has meant a lot to me. I think Fairytale will stay my calling card for the rest of my life. I think it’s wonderful, he adds.

Successful: Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. Now he is ready to try again!

The 31 year old had originally decided not to participate anymore. But last year when he was thinking about it, he heard the winner JOWST sing “Grab The Moment”.

Should I do it or not? Then I decided to do it, he says laughing.

Alexander admits that another legend has influenced him.

I’m inspired by Jahn Teigen. I said many years ago that I wouldn’t join it again, but then I understood it’s a party. If you can contribute to making the party bigger you should do it, says Alexander.

Inspired by Teigen: Alexander wants to do the same thing as Jahn Teigen often did, join the MGP party.

He is happy about the fact that it’s been some years since the last time.

I have become calmer since then. I have learned to appreciate things. I have also learned the importance of saying no. The things you do accept must become good.

Two years ago Alexander found happiness with Julie Gaarud Holm (23). My girlfriend is my most important support. People around me we’re weighing up the pros and cons, but she said she felt the song deserved to be played at Oslo Spektrum. I do agree, he says smiling widely.

On their second anniversary the song bird was travelling.

I visited my 93 year old grandmother in Belarus. Before this whole thing begins, it’s important to know your roots and have time. A lot of time will be spent on MGP, but you shouldn’t forget what’s most important : Spending time with your family, says the artist and adds that he is happy that the combination of life as an artist and living together goes so well.

As long as you give each other enough space. We’re really happy, he asserts.

The singing star has been together with Julie Gaarud Holm for two years. He thinks the secret to a good relationship is to give each other space.

Rybak’s new MGP song “That’s How You Write a Song” he has written himself. He hopes it can inspire other people to dare to follow their dreams.

I get quite a lot of letters from people of all ages, but many of them are from children and young people. People who say they have a hobby singer, a dancer or a football player inside of them. Perhaps they don’t dare let it out, or they live in a country where it’s not allowed. I hope I can inspire people to take the first step, says Rybak.


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