Into a Fantasy – preorder the music, story behind, preview closing credits.

Believe in your talent, and let it grow. If your dreams are to come true, you must first dare to dream.

– Alexander Rybak


Alexander Rybak’s new song “Into a Fantasy” will be one of the soundtracks in DreamWorks animation movie  “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. The song will be played during the end credits in several of the European versions of the movie.  

You can pre-order the music now!

You can already pre-order the CD with the soundtracks of the movie, and “Into a Fantasy ” is included in the versions you can order from Platekompaniet and the  following Amazon Internet stores: (United Kingdom) (France) (Germany) (Spain) (Norway)

You can hear a short snippet of the song being played while the end credits are scrolling over the screen in a Belgium cinema earlier this week. Click on play :


The story behind and filming of the music video

The music video of the song was shot on the west coast of Norway at Stad, a place with a magificent scenery that fits perfectly to the song and it’s story. The music video will soon be released, and here you can read the story behind the song, told by Alexander himself on his FB-page 21.05.14:


This is a BIG moment for me. DreamWorks Animations approved my new song “Into a Fantasy”, weeks before the premiere of “How to Train Your Dragon 2”! And now the song will be included in the end credits in many countries in Europe!
It started 2 months ago, when I was writing another song for my Norwegian musical. I realized that this song is much better suited for English lyrics. And at that time, I was doing voice-over for Hiccup. It struck me that the song would fit the dragon universe.
The only catch was that I didn’t believe in myself at that time. It felt like every project I was working on took forever to finish. And people said it’s too late to send a song two months before the premiere. But my friend Tore Fredrik Dreyer, who is the head of Fox Film Norway, he believed in this project. And that’s the optimism I needed to send the song.
And in many ways, this is what the song is about: Believe in each other, and together you will succeed. Dream BIG, because no one can take your dreams away from you.
The song will be out soon, and if the people at DreamWorks like the music video, they will even put some cartoon footage in it! Fingers crossed then.
Anyway, this is my gift for you, my 690.000+++ fans. I hope you will like what you get. With love, Alex


Alexander Rybak tells about the recording of “Into a Fantasy”, God kveld Norge 24.5.2014

Recorded and translated by Venche M. Revised by Anni Jowett

Pictures from the shooting of the music video

by  Kristian Skeide and Marit Refvik


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