Alexander Rybak – interviews – Allsang på Grensen 2014

Alexander Rybak was a guest-host at the Norwegian sing-along TV-show “Allsang på Grensen”, broadcasted on TV2 Thursday 7th of August. Here your can read two interviews from two local news papers, Halden Arbeiderblad and Fredrikstad Blad.

Source: Halden Arbeiderblad  Author: Tiril Vik Nordeide Photo: Stein Johnsen

Found by Kaja Jasińska, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak og Kathrine Moholt Allsang på Grensen

Duo:Katrine Moholt and Alexander Rybak charmed everyone

Rybak brought along the young ones

It`s great fun being able to perform with such a capable violinist like Alexander Rybak, said Lars Narvestad (14) after having performed in front of more than 4300 people at the castle.

I had the opportunity to do something big when I was quite young, and if I have the chance to give that other young people I will, said Alexander Rybak.

He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s impressed with Lars and the other eight people who got to perform.

For me it`s very important to show what you stand for and I think it`s important that young, capable musicians get some attention, too.


Alexander Rybak and Lars Narvestad  Allsang på Grensen

Got to perform with Rybak : Lars Narvestad from Halden thought it was fun being able to play with Alexander Rybak.

Fun with new song

Rybak loves children and emphasised this several times during the recording of the programme.

I love working with children and sharing with others. That’s why this is so important to me, he says.

In addition it was extra fun being able to perform this particular song, which first of all is about friendship and also is included in the soundtrack for the new animated movie from DreamWorks.

The song “Into a Fantasy” is included in the soundtrack OF the new movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” which opened in Norwegian cinemas at the beginning of July.


Striking sing-along for five

Source: Fredrikstad Blad  Author and photo: Thomas Hörman Arntsen

Found by TessaLa, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni jowett

Alexander Rybak og students from Fredrikstad Kulturskole

Plays with Rybak: These five local violinists went onstage with Alexander Rybak on Wednesday. Behind from left: Birk Lindahl Davidsen,Theo Abel Spillum, Hedvig Hægeland.Front Ingrid Gustavsen (left) and Ingvild Brekke.

First they rehearsed with Alexander Rybak on Wednesday, then it was a recording for TV2. On Thursday you’ll get a striking result in “Allsang på Grensen”.

The young ones armed with violins got to participate in Alexander Rybak`s performance from “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. He delivered music for DreamWorks. They liked “Into a Fantasy “so much that they made room for it in the movie. And Rybak does have the Norwegian voice of Hikken and is credited musically during the end credits.

Five local strings

On stage there was room for five of the local performers from the Fredrikstad culture school. Hedvig Hægeland (13), Birk LIndahl (12), Ingrid Gustavsen (12), Theo Abel Spillum (12) and Ingvild Brekke (13) stood together with four others in the tent taking small steps while waiting for the international winner of the Eurovision Song Contest from 2009 to appear.

Fun with the young ones

I have travelled a lot around the country and met young people. It`s fun going onstage with children`s choirs and violin talents, said Rybak when he went through the programme with Katrine Moholt (40) at the castle yesterday. He also rehearsed together with the young violinists backstage.

 Alexander Rybak gives advice

Rybak advice: The singing and playing artist gave some good advice to his fellow musicians yesterday.

The artists

Tonight you’ll see Plumbo, Sval, Rita Eriksen, Vidar Johnsen, Christer Sjögren, Elisabeth Andreassen and Anders Nilsen.

The youngest “artists” were a bit nervous yesterday. And there was a dose of being star struck too, even though some of the nine people had already met Rybak earlier and even played with him.

They are not used to playing to such a huge amount of people and expressed that it wasn`t just easy when microphones and cameras appeared.

Exciting day

It was an exciting day for the nine participants from the county`s culture schools. They have Participated in Strings at Borgen, an offer to the teens at culture schools through “De Unges Musikkforbund Østfold”. Four teachers have shared their knowledge from Sunday to Thursday.

It ends with a concert at Brygga Culture hall on Thursday night.




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