Alexander interviewed by “Ari & Michael” P4 23.06.2018

Alexander Rybak with “Ari & Michael”

«A newly operated Alexander Rybak tells us how important everyday flirting is, about his extreme control needs and why he doesn’t always  smile when someone wants to take a selfie with him.»

Alexander interviewed for the first time after his surgery of his tonsils. Michael Andreassen knows Alexander well from many earlier interviews and together with Ari Behn, with his philosophic inputs, they gave us a bit different and warm interview.  

The interview has so far English subs for the first 17 minutes. The rest will follow soon 🙂 

Source: P4 podcast archive, published 4.7.18.


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  1. Thank you for the translation! I’m from România. Congratulations Alex for all you do! I’m so happy to hear your voice and to know that you are ok after surgency. I love you and I respect you very much!

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