Alexander Rybak, interview to TV2 – 6.7.2011

Rybak will not be fooled by the girls this summer

Preferably, he will sit on a deserted island in the rain with Katrine Moholt and talk about life’s sorrows and joys.

Source: TV2, publish 6.7.2011 – Author: Victoria Østengen – Translated by Tessa La

– What is your best summer memory?

– My best summer memory is when I went to Tusenfryd (amusment park) with the first girl I was in love with. We went to Tusenfryd, because I knew she was going to sit close to me when we would take the Timber chute.

– What kind of relationship do you have to the summer?

– I like summer when it rains. I am a Belarus, you know, so I’m a sucker for melancholy and nostalgia. Also, I like to see the sunset in the summer.

– Which summer memory would you rather have been without?

– It was when I went to Tusenfryd, and it was closed when I and my buddy arrived there. I was sorry the rest of the summer. I have both my best and my worst memories of Daisy.

– What do you prefer to eat during the summer?

– I eat any light food in summer. I eat lots of fish, and fish soup is also good. And avocados! I eat a lot of that.

– What are your plans for the holidays?

– My plans for the holidays is to not let myself be fooled by all the girls. In summer it is easy to say goodbye to those girls you really love in favor of girls that you really do not care anything about. A summer flirt can never replace the girl you are in love with.

– Who would you give a cold shower in the summer?

– Who I would have given a kick in the ass? I do not know. I want the best for everyone.

– With whom would you prefer to split a bottle of wine?

– Kathrine Moholt! I can discuss life’s joys and sorrows with her.

– How important is the summer weather for you?

– I like it when it rains in the summer. Rain is so cathartic. But I don’t like it cold, it should be warm in the summer.

– What is your favorite vacation spot?

– My dream place is Bali, but I do not need to go there this summer. I might as well have vacation in southern Norway. There are too many Norwegians who desperately need to go abroad during the summer. I do not understand why people insist on going abroad in the months when it is finally nice to be here in Norway! We live in the world’s most beautiful country of mountains and fjords. I like to go hiking in the breathtaking scenery.

– What kind of music do you prefer in the summer?

– I listen to a lot of jazz and show music, and listen to both older and newer music. I like songs with a touch of shuffle and swing rhythms. I love songs like “Jørgen Hattemaker” and “En solskinns dag.”(A sunny day in eng.) Among the Norwegian band I listen to a lot to “Postgirobygget” and “Trang Fødsel”. They are some kind of “hit or not” band – the songs they make are either schlägere or flops. When I hear “Ferie”(Holiday in eng.) by “Postgirobygget” I become nostalgic.”Drømmedame” (dream woman in eng.) is perhaps their best song.

– Can you take completely off from work during the summer?

– I have some vacation days this summer, and then I will take completely off by playing video games. I will not let me influence of nice weather. There are so many Norwegians who say “Oh, so nice weather! Now I have to go out and do something! “While I am a little more like,” Oh, how lovely the weather is like! Then I can continue to play video games in here. “


1. Sea or mountain?

Sea. No, what mountains. I like mountains better.

2. Ipad or newspaper?


3. Sun protection 5 or 50?


4. Wine or beer?

None of them. Grape juice is good as it is, it need not undefiled.

5. Beach or city?

It makes me think about girls again. If you have a girlfriend, it’s best to go to a big city.Then she don’t get so much competition from so many scantily clad girls on the beach. Then you instead can take a city break, and your girlfriend can be lightly dressed in the evening. If you are single the best is beach vacation. It’s like going downtown versus being at home on a Saturday night. If you have a girlfriend there is no point in going on the town, it’s just a place for girl hunting. Then I would rather be home with my girlfriend and watching movies.

6. Salt or fresh water?

Salt water.

7. Cabin or Boat?


8. Chocolate or strawberry ice cream?


9. Norwegian or abroad holiday?

Abroad holidays. No, by the way, abroad I associate with work, so then it has to become Norwegian holidays.

10. Facebook or twitter?


11. And without your own family – who would you like to strand on a desert island with?

Kathrine Moholt.

12. Who deserves a rainy summer?

I like that it rains in the summer, so then it has to be Kathrine Moholt again.

– So you will in other words, sit on a deserted island in the rain and talk about life’s joys and sorrows?

– Something like that, yes.

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