Alexander Rybak – Interview in the American-Russian magazine “VS Chicago”

 “Dreams come true”

Alexander Rybak is one of the brightest representatives of the contemporary music world. Today we have a surprise for all the fans of his talent – meeting with this remarkable artist.

Source:  Original article here
Author: Vlad Chekhov
English translation by Sonya Luzina

– Hello, Alexander!

– Hello, Vlad! Hello, dear readers!
– You were born into a musical family: your mom and dad are musicians. Did you think there was a chance that your occupation wouldn’t related to music?

– I really like to communicate with people, so I could well be a psychologist. I even wanted to get a special education. Also, I could be a lawyer.

– You practised the first melodies with your grandmother Maria Savitskaya, who was a music school teacher. What melodies and songs were these?

– These were pretty serious classical pieces. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names now. When I grew up, I even was surprised, that I managed to learn such difficult pieces in the childhood.

– You left Belarus when you were a little child. What did the most vivid impressions leave in the child’s soul?

– You would think that I had forgotten everything, it’s been so long. But I remember almost every tree in Gorky Park, I remember the rivers, streets. In fact, Minsk has very much changed since then.

– Your closest ones must be very proud of your success.

– Probably, but they try not to show it. They criticize and advise me very often.

– You visited many countries. What did you remember? What did you like? Wherever would you like to go again?
– America. It made a lasting impression on me. But I would like to go there, not as an artist, but as a tourist. There is everything you need for a good holiday – beaches, mountains. It’s like Norway, only ten times larger. I believe America is the ideal country, a sort of “utopia”. And there are very cool amusement parks, the biggest roller coasters, the best in the world. But I would never move there forever, I wouldn’t like to be a famous artist there.

– Have you had a problem with “star fever”? If so, how did you get through it?

– Thank God, this problem passed me. Of course, I can’t judge myself, but still no one told me about that.

– There are a lot of people around you, concerts, shootings. Do you have time to think about your personal life? Is it possible for famous people to have that?

– Unfortunately, I think about my personal life too much. I always try to keep in touch with my friends. They say that friends are never many, so I have 3-4 friends. Sometimes, I even refuse to participate in some concerts for the sake of meetings with them. But it is very hard for me when it comes to girls. I always have a lot of external stress, and I would like to have a girlfriend who would distract me from that and support me. In general, I am very afraid of being single. But I always remain alone after some relationships.

– The personal life of Alexander Rybak is always behind the veil of secrecy. Could you maybe reveal it for readers of our magazine?

– I have no girlfriend at the moment. But I am glad that it is summer now, and I constantly see a lot of beautiful girls in short dresses and skirts. This raises my spirits.

– What is the ideal girl for Alexander Rybak?

– The most important thing is that a girl could understand me and was ready for the fact that I have a lot of work and I’m not always able to give her the proper amount of attention.

– Are your mom and dad the best friends and advisers for you, or mentors and models for family life?

– Rather both. I have a very good friendly relationship with my parents. If I need some advice, I can always ask them.

– Sasha, who are you: Norwegian or Belarusian? Who do you feel? After all, they consider you as the main star of Belarus.

– Likely, the Norwegian. Although I don’t forget about my Belarusian roots.

– You are musician, singer, composer. What would you want your talent to implement next?

– Now I want to try out some collaborations with other artists. But it is not about duets, but musical collaborations. I have already reached that level when I can work in all genres and with other artists. I still wouldn’t like to try myself in some other areas of creativity. At the moment I want to be fully realized in the music.

– What is your biggest dream?

– To note lose friends. To hope after 60 years, I had someone to talk heart to heart to.

– After Eurovision you drove Europe crazy with your song, smile and charm. What did you feel, when you woke up in the morning and realized that you had become a favorite of millions of Europeans?

– I have not had that feeling. I’ve been going towards that goal for a very long time, I was constantly working and studying something new.

– Have you been to America? And what is your main stereotype about this country?

– Yes, I have been there. I really enjoyed it. I don’t have a stereotype, but just an impression – there are positive and smiling people!

– Your wish for the readers of our magazine.

– I wish you always strive for your goal and fight for it. Dreams come true! Your Alexander Rybak.

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  1. Oh, wait, he’s not having a girlfriend right now? I thought he was happy with Maria.

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