Alexander in TV-show “Den store Skoledugnaden” (The great school voluntary basis) 1.5.12

Alexander took part in the popular Norwegian TV-show “Den store Skoledugnaden” (The great school voluntary basis). The idea of this show is to invite a former school pupils, who became Norwegian celebrity, to help their schools.

Alexander and several of his school mates came to their school in Nesodden to make some repairement. See what they did there!;)

And the same video with subs on Dailymotion

Recording by Venche M. & Tessa La. English translation by Tessa La, Hildebjørg Ha, Laila Solum Hansen. Subs by Sonya L. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, Zhanna Sergueeva and Sophia Khodorovskaya. Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. German translation by Simone Schmidt/Susanne Berlin.

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