Alexander Rybak in “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” -Audience Reactions and Reviews

Alexander’s Musical “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” opened on November 28 and ran until December 28 , 2019 at the Kilden Theatre and Cultural Hall in Kristiansand, Norway.

The show drew ticket sales from far and wide attracting an international audience to the theatre. Around 10,000 tickets were sold to at least 16 different countries, including Norway, Germany, the UK, Poland, USA, Ireland, Russia, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Hungary and Norfolk Island!

“It is quite fun that Trolle and Alexander appeals to people outside of Norway. The first ticket for this year’s Christmas show was sold to a lady from Ireland. This was already in January this year. People from Slovakia and Denmark bought tickets right afterwards, so Rybak’s fans have been out early”

Janneke Aulie,
Sales and marketing manager at Kilden Theater and Concert Hall.

“Trolle og den magiske fela” is a fairy tale about daring to be different and accepting what is different from others. Alexander Rybak had an ensemble of talented actors on stage with him who, together and with spectacular scenography and captivating music, enchanted their audience from start to finish.

My dear fans. ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH for giving me support from all the world. I’m so happy that you have united from so many different countries to come see my fairy tale. I have worked for so many years on this, and it means everything to me that you are enjoying yourselves. And as a bonus, you get to see the wonderful Stig Werner as my nemesis “Hulderkongen”😎
I hope you’re having a wonderful December ❤️ #trolle

-Alexander Rybak on Rybakofficial Instagram 17/12/2019

Read on for some of the national and international reactions from fans who have attended the show.

Jorunn Ekre, Oslo, Norway 

The musical was just amazing, Alex was impressive as Trolle and Ingeborg Walther who plays Alva is an amazing singer and a good actress, too. The story is about Trolle who is a bullied troll, he has no tail and is an outcast. One day he finds a magic violin that changes everything. I won’t reveal anything more of the content apart from this, but it has several layers that appeals to both kids and adults. The message is really that we shouldn’t bully each other and that friendship overcomes everything. I noticed a couple of kids who seemed mesmerised by it all 🙂 
All of those involved in this musical are great, everyone from the kids to the adults. And with Alex’s wonderful music it becomes a wonderful experience. The production as a whole is impressive, from the costumes, to the props, and just the whole mood. They have managed to recreate Alex’s story successfully and more so. Kilden Theatre, the venue where the musical is performed is a beautiful building located by the sea. 
I returned the next day to see it once more and loved the musical just as much again the second time round, and since this musical already is a success, I hope it will be performed elsewhere in the future.  

fantastisk, imponerende, flott 

Jorunn, Oslo

Jane, Greater London, United Kingdom

I didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously Alexander, and I knew the music, but what else? It turned out it was a play with an amazing cast, not just a star (in fact Alexander’s role would probably be described as “supporting”), full of comedy, light and dark, and a serious message. The entire cast sang and danced, and the set and costumes were pure fairy tale. A truly magical production, perfect for Christmas – and well-deserving of being mounted again next year.

magical, moving, masterpiece (and if I’m allowed a fourth, slick)

Jane, Greater London, UK

Marit, Stavanger, Norway

It was a very nice show. The music is great, Alva was really good. The Huldermann was maybe too scary for the smallest kids. A little boy next to me wanted to go all the time. The older kids thought it was “cool” and the Huldermann had their attention all the time. Alex can be very proud of the show. 

 Bra jobba, Alex 

Marit, Stavanger
Photo: Dag Jenssen-permission to use by

Uta, Germany

I travelled to Kristiansand from Germany just to watch “Trolle“. It was a great show and worth every minute travelling. Of course – knowing Alex‘ for such a long time I was sure the musical would turn out great but even this expectation got exceeded! Not only the music but the costumes, the stage and the wonderful actors impressed me deeply. All in all I must say “A great show“.

verzaubernd , energiegeladen, stimmungsvoll

Uta, Germany

Jarl, NYC, United States of America

I came from New York USA and I had to see the show over two nights due to a different event at Kilden (a one night Christmas concert at the same time) the show was amazing. Alexander had hurt his foot during rehearsals but did a wonderful job. The production was grand, lead singers amazing . And the dancer/ensemble did a super job. Potential for a Soho/London or Broadway/New York run is absolutely in the horizon.

amazing, grand, beautiful

Jarl, New York City, USA

Monika, Ireland

We did travel from Dublin, Ireland (but originally from Lithuania). The show was amazing.

nuostabus,spektaklis, ačiū

Monika, Lithuania via Ireland
Photo: Dag Jenssen-permission to use by

Anni, Nottingham, United Kingdom

What was my reaction to the musical “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle? Well… 

The magic of Trolle far exceeded the fiddle alone. This much anticipated musical surpassed everything we had dreamed of. The staging was a work of art, and the scenes took us to and from the village and its fortress, to the forest, Trolle’s cabin and the hulderkings “palace” seamlessly. All the principal characters shone brightly, there was no single star in this production, but a constellation!  The Chorus were amazing, playing several different roles and due to the fabulous costuming and make up I didn’t even realise it at first! And of course, I fell in love with the wolf character. The theatre had worked so hard to make the world of Trolle come alive. 

Promoted as a children’s musical, but this production entertained the adult audience just as much as the kids. In some ways it reminded me of the pantomime traditions we have in the UK around Christmas time, except no Dame or cross dressing and no one in the audience booed the villain or shouted “out it’s behind you”, even though this Brit was tempted! By this, I mean that “Pantomime” traditionally presents a tale of good and evil, where hope triumphs over adversity after danger and virtual despair… Combining music, lots of humour, scary parts and of course a happy ending. However, this production was not exactly a pantomime but a fairytale musical with finesse.  

The live performed music was exceptional, the singing and orchestra relayed the story to me, a non-Norwegian speaker, by breaking the language barrier and delivering the story in music form. When I got home, I just could not stop smiling while singing and listening to the songs non-stop. 
One big thing that was evident, the joy in Alexander’s face while taking the bows to a standing ovation before the curtain closed. He played the role fantastically and his music was delight to hear. The transition from page to stage was a phenomenal achievement by all involved. 

I originally had tickets for two performances of the musical and travelled to Kristiansand from London. My flight got in early so I actually managed to run to the theatre and grab one of the very last seats in the almost sold out hall to squeeze in an extra show! I honestly could have watched it more than three times, each and every time I saw and enjoyed something new in the performance.  

It was also a chance to spend a weekend in Kristiansand with great entertainment and good friends, old and new. And then because of Trolle and his magic, I made a new friend on the flight back to the UK who had also been to see the show with her family! So, here’s to Trolle and the power of friendship. 
Tusen hjertelig takk till alle på Kilden. A six on the dice from me! 

delightful, phenomenal, magical 

Anni ,Nottingham, UK

Liv, Norway  

So happy that Alexander’s big dream has become a fantastic and magical adventure. Oh, what a performance, mesmerized from start to finish by the actors, music, song, scenery and of course the world’s most charming troll “Trolle” 
My daughter, my two grandchildren and I had an amazing experience at Kilden theatre. Bravo, Alexander! 

magisk, uforglemmelig , profesjonelt  

Liv, Norway
Photo: Dag Jenssen-permission to use by

Ulli, Germany

Very nice story; excellent music, fantastic stage design; wonderful costumes. I really enjoyed it! Too short as always – I would like to see it again.

hervorragend, wunderbar, verzaubernd

Ulli, Germany

Anna, Dorota, Magda & Agnieszka, Poland  

It was a real pleasure to visit Norway and see this fantastic musical. We remember Alex saying years ago that it was his dream to make a musical. Then it finally came true and we are so happy and proud of him!
“Trolle og den magiske fela” what a fabulous musical! It is impossible to describe how amazing and full of magic the performance was. Every detail of Trolle is just perfect and the music and voices are sooo beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful music, going straight to the heart. The cast was excellent. We didn’t expect that Hulderkongen would be so amazing and funny. Alexander, well, is the most wonderful Troll in the world.

magiczny, fantastyczny, cudowny 

Anna, Dorota, Magda & Agnieszka, Poland

Erika, Lithuania/Norway (Fosnavåg)

I’ve been to two shows and would like to return again and again. I felt that I had really stepped into a fairy tale. I liked everything, the costumes, the scenography, the music (love it always). The actors performed their roles perfectly, I was also particularly impressed with Hulderkongen (Stig-Werner Moe) and the choreography, it was so fantastic!! I knew all these songs from musical very well and I really like them, but after the seeing the musical, listening those songs now brings me right back to that magical wonderful stage. Amazing job!!

nuostabu, magiška, fantastisk!

Erika, Lithuania/Norway (Fosnavåg)

Helen , Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I travelled to Norway to see the show with my family. My kids had no problem following the plot in Norwegian as we had translated the book and read it together before flying out to Kristiansand. (My husband read the book on the plane!) We all agreed it was an amazing show in a stunning venue. Well worth the trip.

 visually & musically stunning!

Helen , Oxfordshire, UK.
Photo: Dag Jenssen-permission to use by

Petra & Yvonne, Germany 

Thank you to Alexander! Thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful musical with amazing singers and dancers and for letting us be a part of your dream project! 

We REALLY enjoyed ourselves and would have liked to watch it a hundred times more! Alexander should be so, so proud! It’s because of him and his music that people from different countries unite! 

wunderbar, traumhaft, genial  
= ein traum wird wahr und wir durften dabei sein! Danke! 

Petra & Yvonne, Germany

Lisbeth, Norway 

Thank you so much for a fantastic performance in Kristiansand. Everyone was fabulously good, the music and songs were so captivating! And who would have thought that a troll could be so wonderful? 
After seeing the show, and listening to the songs again now, I really wish I had booked an extra show. 
Another bonus is to meet friends again from across the globe. I guess you know our old slogan: “Rybak, connecting people”. 

It really was the finest Christmas Gift I could have!

Fantastisk, Fengslende, Vennskap

Lisbeth, Norway
Many thanks to all who contributed to this reaction article, if you went to see “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle”, please leave your reactions in our comment section.

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