Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “I Asked the Ash” & “Bergrosa” 18.10.2014.

“When I was 4 years old, I and my parents moved from Belarus to Norway. Back then my parents brought some tapes of Russian movies with them. Among them, there was the comedy “The Irony of Fate”. I heard the song «Я спросил у ясеня» (“I Asked the Ash”) in that movie for the first time, said Alexander Rybak. – I’m familiar with the situation that this song tells about. Once, I myself had experienced the same emotions. The girl who I loved, and devoted my song “Fairytale” to, left me for my best friend. It was hard for me to pass through this break up. Now I try not to fall in love, and to put all my feelings into music”. Precisely this song was performed by Alexander in the Ukrainian musical TV-show “Meeting Place” on Saturday. The theme of this episode was cheating. And, in addition, Alexander played a piece of “Bergrosa” as the introduction to the song of another artist.

Link to lyrics

Recording by Sveta P. English translation by Olina&Sonya.
Revision by Katie A. Subs by Sonya L.

2 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “I Asked the Ash” & “Bergrosa” 18.10.2014.”

  1. A wonderful song from an amazing movie- every Russian-speaking person in the world has seen this movie many times- a winter holiday favorite. It’s a very, very funny movie with superb actors. Here’s the song link to the music video from the actual movie:

  2. This song I love so much, makes me want to learn Russian. Great performance, nice to see the audience were a bit touched as well.

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