Alexander Rybak in the TV-show “Muitte Mu”

Alexander Rybak learned to joik in the Norwegian TV-show “Muitte Mu”.

In September 2017 Alexander spent 3 days in Kirkenes in Northern Norway together with his mentor Frode Fjellheim to learn the Sami joik.  After that he went home to compose his first joik “Let The Music Guide You”. The joik was performed for the first time in front of an invited audience in Karasjok in Northern Norway in February this year.

The 3 days in Kirkenes and the performance in Karasjok were broadcast on NRK 10th of November 2018.  “Let The Music Guide You” is a mix of English lyrics and joik, and less than a week after the release it was a hit on YouTube. You can read more about that and Alexander’s reaction to this below the  video. 

Video of the TV-show “Muitte Mu”

Uploaded by  May E. Nipen.  The video has English, Croatian and Hungarian subtitles.

Alexander’s joik has got a lot of attention also from the Eurovision community, like the article on ESC

Excerpts from an article on 18.10.2018

Alexander Rybak was the first artist in NRK Sápmi’s TV-show  «Muitte Mu». Since Rybak’s performance of “Let The Music Guide You” was released on YouTube, the views have constantly increased and keep in increasing. In less than a week the joik has got more than 170.000 views. It has become a hit on YouTube. 

– It’s nice that the video has been shared that much on the Internet. It seems like “word of mouth” has spread fast in the schools in the North of Norway. That pleases my musical heart, says a happy Rybak.

–Mom and Dad were very happy to see me so inspired. Many of my friends have said the same, that I looked so inspired. And I am! says a pleased Rybak.

The music expert and reviewer Christine Dancke understands why joik is so popular on YouTube now. 

– This is a time when the pop music sounds so similar, and because of that it can feel even stronger to be touched by something unexpected (as a joik is to many people), says Dancke.

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