Alexander Rybak in the Greek TV show “Pame Paketo”, 13.10.2011

Alexander was the guest at the popular TV show “Pame Paketo” on Alpha TV in Greece. The episode was aired on October 13, although the shootings for the show had occurred on September 30. The show is about reuniting people who have been apart for years, by sending them a package. In this case, several of Alexander’s Greek fans, who had not met him for 2,5 years, were the package senders.

1) The show “Pame Paketo” (“Πάμε Πακέτο” = The Package), Alpha TV 13.10.2011

Available with various subtitles, click CC. Names of contributors shown at the beginning.

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2) Interview to the show “Mes stin kali hara” (“Μες στην καλή χαρά” = Joyfully), Alpha TV 15.10.2011

English translation and subtitles: Yannis Pap.

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