Alexander Rybak in the dance show “Fairytales – still dreaming” in Dokka 22.10.2011

Alexander was invited as a guest artist in the dance show “Fairytales – still dreaming”, which was performed 4 times during the weekend October 22-23, 2011 in Dokka (Norway). Alexander danced, sang and played violin there. TessaLa and Susanne Berlin attended one of the shows on Saturday, October 22th, and filmed everything for us! Thanks a lot, girls!:))

Pirate mix (theme from “Pirates of The Caribbean” movie)

Recording by Tessa Lande

“Wash up” scene (song by Alesha Dixon “The boy does nothing”)

Recording by Tessa Lande

“Europe skies” and “Roll with the wind”

Recording by Tessa Lande

Roxanne (from the musical movie “Moulin Rouge”)

Recording by Susanne Berlin


Recording by Tessa Lande

Till Ungdommen (was performed after the Dance show)

The song Till Ungdommen (“To the Youth”) was written by Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg and led to the music by Danish composer Otto Mortensen, in 1936. Author was inspired by Spanish civil war and wrote this poem to give hope to the youth in that difficult period. It became an anti-war song for all Norwegians and now it’s traditionally performed as a memorial to Oslo and Utøya victims of 22th July, 2011.

Recording by Tessa Lande

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