Alexander Rybak in “Sommer i Dyreparken” TV2 20.06.15

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian summer TV-show “Sommer i Dyreparken” (Summer in the Zoo) on TV2, where he performed his new song “Blant Fjell” about the troll “Trolle” from his upcoming children’s book and album “Trolle og den magiske fela”. The book and the album will be released in September this year.

Alexander performing “Blant Fjell” (Among Mountains) With children from slocal cultur School.


Alexander Rybak and Tussi - Sommer i Dyreparken
Alexander Rybak and Tussi. Photo: TV2.

Alexander and Tussi

The twins Marcus and Martinus, co-hosts in the show, made Alexander and Alexandra Joner compete to see  which one of them who could bring the donkey Tussi from one place to another inside the Zoo. From “The Childrens Africa” to “Kardemommeby” for those who are familiar with the Zoo.

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