Alexander Rybak in New Year’s concert in Chisinau, Moldova, 2019-2020

Alexander was the surprise artist at the free open-air New Year’s concert in Chisinau, Moldova. The concert stared after midnight and lasted for about 45 minutes. The concert was streamed live on Moldova’s national TV station Moldova 1.
Earlier in the evening Alexander performed at a New Year’s party at Berd’s Design Hotel. His Ukrainian manager Yana Pryadko was present and shared this video on FaceBook:

The open-air concert

The concert was great. It was obviously a bit cold, but with a Christmas hat and warm jacket, Alexander managed well. During the concert he also went down to greet the audience and handed out signed cards and some other stuff. Pictures from the concert you can see below the video.

The quality of the first 1,4 mins is unfortunately a bit low. Sorry for that. We could have cut that part out, but decided to keep the whole concert 🙂 Translation will be added.

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