Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 – Report by Katie A

Hello, USA!

Yes, we had Alex here on American soil, and it was everything we expected it to be (and then some).


  Another fan and I had gotten in touch with each other before the concert to make arrangements. We met at my hotel and drove over to the cathedral together, chatting along the way about how we discovered Alex. At the cathedral we met a nice mother and daughter and a married couple who had been waiting there for a while, hoping to obtain good seats. We got acquainted, discussing where we were all from and how we knew of Alex.

The cathedral staff were kind enough to put us in the room next to where he was practicing, so that was a lovely backdrop to our little meeting.

He stopped practicing after a while, so the murmur of our conversations were the only sounds in the building.

I wouldn’t even have noticed he walked by the room except one of the ladies had a very understandable “Oh, he is real!” moment as he passed by on his way elsewhere.

For once I felt like the seasoned veteran as I assured everyone that he would come back and greet us as he promised when he breezed by.

Which, of course, he did. I let them chat with him and took pictures for everyone, until he turned to me and made a sort of “… You look familiar…” face before saying, “OH! Hi! How are you?” Some of the other girls were a bit astonished, saying that you could see that he recognized me. I dismissed that, I explained that he’s just extraordinarily good with faces. But we had a good laugh about it anyway.

We all chatted with him for a bit before he had to leave, and he was very kind to everyone (as always). I also met the new manager, Melissa, who is a lovely woman. I foresee good things for the US with her at the wheel.

The concert was breathtaking. The cathedral had heavenly acoustics, and the violin just floated above everything like a dream. I have compiled the excerpts in a video that will be linked at the end of the report.
The other artist, Solveig, has an absolutely gorgeous voice. They were beautiful together, and the pianist was lovely as well. Each song was performed masterfully by everyone involved. After Chaconne there was a thunderous applause and standing ovation that Alex couldn’t even speak over on the microphone.

dl1 471

The whole audience was very interactive and appreciative. Alex quickly built a good rapport with everyone by telling a few anecdotes and jokes. There were a few moments that I unfortunately did not manage to record, where he made some impressions of Enrique Iglesias, Elvis, and others. They were very funny, and everyone enjoyed his musings.

After the concert Solveig came out immediately to speak with us. She had that kind and calm demeanor I’ve come to expect from Norwegians. We spoke briefly about music, Norway, and her Bergen dialect (which I was proud of myself for noticing in her songs).

Alex came out a bit later to speak to everyone. He stayed there for hours talking, taking pictures, and signing autographs. He also received some nice gifts (like the Zelda book he posted a picture of on Facebook). I waited a bit to speak to him, so the younger fans could speak to him before they had to leave. When it came to be my turn I took a picture of the two of us together. Other pictures had come out blurry, so I decided to take it myself.

dl1 488

 I thanked him for coming, and wished him luck with the Malta selection and his upcoming (at the time) performance for “The Hit”. I also told him I really enjoyed “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”, particularly the performance of “Ut”.

He was a bit amused, I think, because he looked to everyone else standing around and made a joke about how I knew his whole schedule. I laughed and said that as a Facebookie that works with the translations, it is our job to know what he is up to. We laughed again, and he asked me if I knew everything about his schedule. I decided to test his humor, and said with wide eyes “Yeeess, I know eeeeverything…” but couldn’t keep up the creepy ruse long enough not to laugh and explain that I was joking. We laughed about that, and he asked me if I knew who he was meeting on Monday. When I said no, and asked who it was, he wouldn’t say. (I prodded a bit too, hoping to catch an exclusive, but he’s too clever for that.)

I was about to thank him again for coming and make my way out when he said that he remembered me from somewhere and asked if we had met before. I explained that we had met the previous year in Canada. He nodded a bit and said that it was Facebook he was sure he remembered me from. I reminded him that we are facebook friends, to validate his recollection. I thanked him again for coming and told him he is welcome in the US anytime. I turned to walk away and he sort of shouted after me, “Thank you, I love your hair!”

Everyone always remembers me by my hair. 🙂

He must have wanted to prove he remembered me from Facebook, because he “liked” and left a comment on that picture of us (above) when I posted it to my Facebook profile.
What a nice guy!

Here is the compilation of clips from various songs that night. Enjoy!

And here is another video provided by the lovely Jessica Huff.

And thanks to AllHailSamantha for this video of
Alexander playing Bach

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you as well!
    I look forward to future concerts together.

  2. Loved your report! I’m so glad I got to meet you and the other fans at the concert. It was truly an amazing experience and I hope I will attend many more concerts in the future.

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